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The 10 Best Luggage Brands in 2020

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Not all luggage brands are created equal, and that’s not particularly a bad thing. Some are praised for their heritage, others for their stylish design or unbeatable price-quality ratio, some target a specific set of consumers, yet some are pioneers in redefining the way we travel. This industry is booming, with no signs of slowing down. Clearly, the world loves to travel!

But traveling should be seamless, and that starts with the bag selection. If you haven’t already, invest in one that has you getting from A to B in style, adapts to your needs, and makes life on the go easier. To get you started, we have shortlisted the 10 best luggage brands available on the market right now.

Horizn Studios

Best luggage brand in 2019

Born in Berlin in 2015, Horizn Studios makes some of the smartest, most beautiful luggage out there. Their pieces are tailored to the needs of modern travelers and digital nomads with tech-savvy features like removable USB smart chargers, optional GPS tracking, and even a personal travel assistant (Horizn GO) that takes care of every aspect of your trip. We’re crazy about the M5 Cabin Luggage, which is easily one of the best cabin luggage pieces you can get your hands on.

Progressive products aside, a series of creative initiatives makes Horizn Studios one of the most exciting and original luggage brands available nowadays. To name a few, they support young emerging artists from all over the world through the annual Horizn Art Programme; they collaborate with like-minded partners like Soho House, Design Hotels, BMW, or international DJ Seth Troxler to create one-of-a-kind limited-edition bags; and they’re currently working on the world’s first luggage for space travel.


The Most Functional Travel Bag Ever

What started as a Kickstarter campaign for a clever wallet back in 2014 has led to a company that is today considered one of the leaders in work- and travel-related gear. Nomatic excels at designing stylish, quality products that solve problems and simplify life on the move.

They are the makers of ”The Most Functional Travel Bag Ever” – an epic duffel/backpack hybrid loaded with over 20 useful features, and their new NOMATIC Roller Luggage line promises to streamline the way we travel through top-notch materials, sleek aesthetics, and unrivaled organizational capabilities.


Away luggage bags

Launched in 2015, Away has become one of the most popular luggage brands out there, and for good reason. Modern, durable, and lightweight, their signature polycarbonate suitcase has managed to balance looks and functionality quite nicely. Available in 5 sizes (including The Kids’ Carry-On) and an array of cute colors, there’s one to suit every taste and need.

Better yet, the brand’s direct-to-consumer approach keeps prices reasonable, without compromising on quality. Add a 100-day free trial, lifetime warranty, and stylish minimalist aesthetics, and it’s easy to see why everyone loves Away.


G-RO luggage

The one thing that sets G-RO apart from other luggage manufacturers is their unwavering emphasis on breakthrough inventions.

A brainchild of industrial designer Netta Dor Shalgi, this contemporary luggage brand is known for “reinventing the wheel” with their revolutionary carry-on featuring a patented, axle-less wheel system that makes rolling over any terrain a breeze. Earlier this year, they developed the concept of ‘push’ luggage with The SIX – an equally fresh-looking carry-on bag that rolls on six wheels rather than four, and is pushed rather than lugged.

Overall, there are not many modern companies that can claim to have reimagined the luggage the way G-RO did. On top of that, their suitcases are sleek, sturdy, refreshingly ergonomic, and have wheels guaranteed for life.

Roam Luggage

Roam Luggage

It’s easy to fall in love with ROAM. As the first fully customizable luggage brand on the market, their inspired product line offers customers something they can’t find anywhere else – a chance to express their individuality on the go by designing their own luggage online.

The collection includes check-ins and carry-ons of various sizes, all made from 100% US virgin polycarbonate, adorned with small ball-bearing wheels, and ready to be personalized. Not only that, but the company also offers a 100-day trial period and a lifetime warranty for all orders, as well as free shipping and returns within the continental US.

Peak Design

Coolest travel backpack

Ingenuity, versatility, and an incredible attention to detail make Peak Design one of today’s coolest luggage manufacturers. Thanks to their game-changing camera accessories and successful Kickstarter campaigns, they’ve become one of the most crowdfunded companies of all time.

Over the last 9 years, the San Francisco-based brand came up with some of the most innovative carrying solutions for photographers, but their thoughtfully engineered bags and backpacks are equally suited to adventurers and traveling creatives. Crafted from 400d tear-resistant nylon and appointed with a myriad of intuitive handles and pockets, they are the epitome of function meets design.

The Travel Backpack 45L, their latest creation, is the smartest and most versatile travel bag I’ve ever owned. It can be worn in a number of ways, it compresses down to carry-on size, and the accompanying pouches and camera cubes help you organize your travel gear like a pro.


Timbuk2 bags

Like many great success stories, Timbuk2 was born out of necessity in a garage in San Francisco. It was 1989 when bike messenger Rob Honeycutt bought a sewing machine and made his first messenger bag. Fast forward 30 years, and his company has become not only one of the city’s largest manufactures but also a global leader in its field.

From strong backpacks to stylish duffels to the iconic messenger bag, their top quality travel accessories are designed to make urban life easier while paying respect to both the environment and the local community.

In 2000, Timbuk2 launched the first online customization platform in retail and six years later introduced the “Break Up With Your Bag” program through which customers are encouraged to donate their used bags. These social initiatives and commitment to sustainability speak volumes about the brand’s character, and so does the ability to always reinvent itself while staying true to its roots and core values.


Samsonite luggage

Samsonite was founded in 1910 in Denver, Colorado and has made great luggage ever since. After all, it is the industry’s leading player, with a huge range of products in a variety of designs and materials. From sturdy weekender bags and convertible backpacks to stylish hard- and soft-shell spinners, their items are designed with frequent travelers in mind, delivering the right blend of style, durability, and value.

Whether it’s a business trip, a family vacation, or a quick weekend getaway, you know you can always rely on Samsonite to keep your stuff safe.

Zero Halliburton

Zero Halliburton travel cases

There’s a reason why some of the most precious cargos – from moon rocks to the controls of the United States’ nuclear artillery to the names of the Oscar winners – have been transported or are still kept in a Zero Halliburton case.

Founded in 1838 by industrialist Erle Halliburton, the legendary American brand has been making ultra-durable, high-quality suitcases ever since. This is basically the only luggage manufacturer in the world to have landed on the moon.

Though still synonymous with indestructible double-ribbed aluminum shells, Zero Halliburton has expanded its cutting-edge design and well-earned reputation for durability to sleek carbon fiber, lightweight polycarbonate, and durable Cordura nylon.



Craftsmanship and innovation go hand in hand at Rimowa, one of the most sought after luxury luggage brands in the world. Established in 1898 in Cologne, Germany, the label sets itself apart through its unique heritage.

It is first and foremost a pioneer in the luggage industry. Aside from creating the first-ever aluminum trunk in 1937 – which is still their quintessential product, they’ve also revolutionized the way we travel today by launching the first lightweight polycarbonate suitcase in 2000.

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