Growing up in a small Romanian town where everyone knows everyone provided me with priceless experiences, strong morals and beliefs, life-long friendships, and lots of open spaces to be creative.

Thanks to all these, I’m a normal, open-minded person, a dog lover, and a daydreamer. I have a degree in mathematics and computer science, but I’ve always flirted with the idea of writing as a career.

I love the mountains and the countryside, but I’m crazy about the sea and the hustle and bustle of the world’s greatest cities. I’m captivated by other cultures and exotic places, but I will always be an incurable Europhile, mad about football, Italian food, and cobblestone alleys lined with trendy cafes and independent fashion boutiques.

Some time ago, an epic summer eurotrip changed my life forever. A passing coffee on the banks of Lago Maggiore, a stroll through the beautiful streets of Barcelona, a frugal night in Amsterdam, a week in Ibiza, and seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time – all these have contributed to my personal growth, my ideals and standards. Since then, I knew this was exactly how I wanted to live my life – free, adventurous, and always surprised by new experiences and unfamiliar sounds and sights.

Today, I’m a blogger and freelance travel writer still searching for ways to make travel a long-term affair. Tomorrow, I might be on my way to a whole new experience, a whole new country, and a whole new me.

Places have taught me to collect thoughts, and thoughts have raised memories…Those memories have begged me to build a world and release them there, so I’ve created Travel Away – a blog about travel, passions, and inspiring places.

This is where I use my own experiences, knowledge, and imagination to provide my readers with valuable travel tips and ideas, to introduce them to beautiful places, fascinating cultures, and experiences they might never encounter otherwise.

I am fascinated by the planet I am living on, by the differences between places, by the variety of cultures, traditions, and customs. If you’re like me and believe in travel as a therapy and a way to expand one’s mind and horizons, than I invite you to give it a read. Hopefully, Travel Away will inspire you and provide you with useful, interesting, and accurate information on destinations, experiences, and other travel topics you might be interested in.