Everyone knows that the idyllic Romanian region of Transylvania – with its terrifying ruler, Vlad the Impaler – has inspired Bram Stoker to create the scariest character of all time, Dracula. Nowadays, Bran Castle, the place where he supposedly lived, is one of the world’s most famous Halloween destinations.

Bran Castle

Well, sorry to disappoint you, but this is a catchy urban legend with just a grain of truth within it. However, what people should know is that, despite all these controversies, Transylvania is indeed an amazing place to spend Halloween.

No matter how hard other places will try, it’s difficult to compete with such a gorgeous region of rugged mountains, rolling hills, picturesque timberlands, and crystalline streams. With over 118 castles, numerous citadels – from which some of them are still inhabited (Sighisoara) -, timeless villages, cultural old towns (Sibiu), quaint piazzas, and cosmopolitan cities (Brasov, Cluj), Transylvania looks and feels like a fairytale-like realm.

Medieval city of Sighisoara

Add to all these the strongest sense of authenticity, rich culture, everlasting traditions, mouthwatering cuisines, charming local festivals, and a turbulent past, which gave birth to a variety of myths and legends, and you will certainly have one of the best Halloween destinations in Europe.

If you expect fancy pumpkin decorations and costume extravaganza, you’ll probably end up being disappointed of your Halloween in Transylvania, but if you hope for an authentic experience in a magical setting, where people still believe in legends and live their lives guided by ancient traditions, you are sure to have a blast.

The Saxon citadels of Transylvania, the majestic Gothic castles, and the medieval windy streets meandering through the mountains will take you back in time, will let you discover their shadowy past, and will endow you with the most accurate illusion of what we call paranormal activity.

Carpathian Mountains, Transylvania

All in all, Transylvania is not for those who crave for a traditional Halloween, although there are plenty of creepy tours and themed parties hitting up the local atmosphere, but for those in the hunt for a Halloween with a difference.


Written by Meeroona

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