Top 10 Most Beautiful States in America

It’s hard, almost unfair to name the most beautiful states in the US, as each of them has its fair share of natural beauty added to the man-made constructions, its own particular character, its own incontestable magic. Nevertheless, I decided to put together a completely subjective top of 10 most beautiful states in America.

10. Florida

Florida state

Also known as the Sunshine State, Florida is an alluring mix of gorgeous beaches, balmy weather, and sweet Latin vibe. But there is more to this flat peninsula in the southernmost point of continental United States than its hedonist charms. Home to mysterious wetlands, spectacular coral reefs, and the largest subtropical wilderness in the country (Everglades), it’s an absolute paradise for adventurers and nature lovers.

Add the glitz and glamour of Miami, the magic of Orlando’s Walt Disney World, and the Spanish colonial architecture of St. Augustine, and you have one of the most beautiful and diverse of the United States of America.

9. Oregon

Oregon state

From lush green forests to gorgeously rugged shorelines, you’ll be amazed by the natural splendor of Oregon.

Nestled in an ancient volcanic crater and surrounded by rocky cliffs, the crystal clear, breathtakingly blue Crater Lake is no doubt one of the state’s most spectacular sights. And so are the jaw-dropping rock formations of Smith Rock State Park, the dreamy Toketee Falls, or mighty Mount Hood, with its year-round snow-covered peaks and glaciers, scenic alpine lakes, and stunning wildflower trails.

In terms of geography, Oregon is indeed a land of striking contrasts, with landscapes that rival those in The Lord of the Rings, but its cities and towns are equally enchanting. Take cool, creative Portland, for example, where design-savvy boutiques and ultra-hip eateries rub shoulders with friendly craft breweries and serene gardens; or quaint, historic Jacksonville, with its well-preserved brick-and-wood buildings and charming old-world atmosphere.

8. Michigan

Michigan state

Idyllic islands, charismatic small towns, and a myriad of outdoor adventures await visitors in Michigan, a striking midwestern US state surrounded by the Great Lakes.

Take a trip back in time on car-free, Victorian-flavored Mackinac Island; paddle along the multi-colored sandstone cliffs of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore; or head to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore for a mix of lush forests, unspoiled beaches, Caribbean-blue waters, and towering sandy bluffs.

The Great Lakes State is also known for its automotive history, and this can be best experienced in Detroit, a city in the midst of a cultural revolution, with handsome historic architecture, world-class museums, and a revived food and art scene. Alternatively, Traverse City and Ann Arbor offer up a taste of small-town America, while Holland and Frankenmuth (aka Michigan’s Little Bavaria) look like they’re straight out of Europe.

7. Colorado

Colorado state

Home to charming ski resorts, lively cities, historical towns, and wildlife sanctuaries, it’s no wonder Colorado always makes the list of America’s most beautiful states. After all, not many places in the world can compete with the scenic natural beauty and diversity of the Centennial State. Between the heights of the splendid Rocky Mountains and the deep canyons engraved by the Colorado River lies a world of its own that begs to be explored.

For most, Colorado brings to mind images of snow-capped peaks and epic skiing, but there are also glistening lakes, spectacular mountain drives, and towering sand dunes. And honestly, it’s hard to decide which is more stunning: the wonderfully bizarre rock formations of Garden of the Gods, the fascinating ghost towns scattered with photogenic old wooden buildings, or Aspen, where there’s beauty all around – from the sublime scenery to the well-heeled celebs parading down the slopes?

6. Hawaii

Hawaii state

Hawaii, the 50th of the United States of America, stands out due to its distinct culture, exceptional flora and fauna, and mind-blowing scenery encompassing everything from steaming, flowing volcanos to deep emerald valleys to paradisiacal multi-colored beaches.

This is the most exotic state in the US and the only one made up completely of islands, and its unique natural treasures and geological marvels are carefully protected by state and national parks. You’ll find the planet’s largest volcano – Mauna Loa – in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, some of the Earth’s most spectacular sunrises at Maui’s Haleakalā National Park, as well as black-sand beaches and freshwater caves shrouded in legends in Waianapanapa.

Also, Pu’uhonua O Hōnaunau National Historical Park abounds in ancient cultural sites, Hanauma Bay prides itself with some of the best snorkeling in the world, and Kauai’s Waimea Canyon is a true geological wonder.

5. Arizona

Arizona state

With painted deserts, majestic canyons, and more than 325 days of sunshine a year, it’s no surprise Arizona is one of the most visited states in the country.

Smack dab in the heart of the American Southwest, this kaleidoscope of Native American cultures and awe-inspiring landscapes is packed with memorable experiences – whether it’s marveling at the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert, taking in the spiritual energy of Sedona’s red rocks, road tripping along historic Route 66, stargazing in Flagstaff, or getting a taste of the Old West in quirky towns like Jerome, Bisbee, or Tombstone.

The Grand Canyon State boasts 22 national parks and monuments, most of which will leave you spellbound. If geological treasures and jaw-dropping scenery are what you’re after, don’t miss the photogenic Antelope Canyon, the surreal Chiricahua National Monument, the arresting Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, or the iconic Monument Valley at the border with Utah.

4. Utah

Utah state

Inspiring, peculiar, and utterly gorgeous, Utah is certainly the state of rugged natural beauty and endless outdoor adventures. Skiers from around the world are drawn to Wasatch Mountain Range for its top-class ski resorts and what is arguably “The Greatest Snow on Earth”, while everyone else comes to witness its spectacular geology and otherworldly sights in the “Mighty Five” national parks.

The magnificent rock formations of Arches and Canyonlands, the soaring red-rock cliffs of Zion, or Bryce’s ethereal sunset-colored hoodoos prove that Utah is one of the most naturally beautiful states in the US. But Beehive State is also home to ancient rock art, fascinating dinosaur fossils, Mormon heritage sites, charming mountain towns, and fine art galleries.

3. Alaska

Alaska state

Grandiose snow-covered mountains, dramatic fjords, aquamarine glaciers, and pure, untouched wilderness that stretches to infinity – Alaska is like nowhere else in the United States.

The beauty of the 49th state lies in the rugged splendor of its terrain, which includes lush rain forests, volcanic valleys, vast Arctic tundra, and the highest peak in North America (Mount McKinley).

Stretching for 33,904 miles, its coast – a dramatic mix of jagged sea cliffs, tidewater glaciers, and barren, windswept islands – is longer than all other states’ shorelines combined, while its harsh, sparsely populated interior is awash in wilderness, solitude, and fairylike Northern Lights.

To experience America’s biggest and northernmost state in all its glory and grandeur, start with the astonishing Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve – a frosty wonderland of ice-sculptured fjords, abundant marine life, and colossal glaciers crashing into the ocean. Likewise, both Denali National Park & Preserve and Kenai Fjords National Park are replete with unforgettable scenery and one-of-a-kind adventures.

2. Montana

Montana state

A land of vast open prairies, glorious mountains, picturesque ranch towns, and big blue skies, Montana is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful states in America. Expect to be mesmerized by Yellowstone’s dramatic canyons and gushing geysers, the stunning limestone caves of Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park, or the mysterious sounds of the Ringing Rocks.

The jewel in the Big Sky Country’s crown, however, is the magnificent one-million-acre Glacier National Park, where crystal-clear emerald lakes glisten in the shadow of mighty snow-capped peaks, wildflowers bloom in glacier-carved valleys, and more than 700 miles of hiking trails weave visitors from wild alpine meadows to evergreen forests to gushing streams and fresh waterfalls.

And then there’s urban Montana – with vibrant, artsy Missoula and architecturally inspiring Helena, or Big Sky Resort in the Rocky Mountains, which prides itself with the largest skiable area in America.

1. California

California state

Because it’s insanely diverse, charmingly creative, and it has it all – from sun-kissed surf beaches and fascinating cities to picturesque vineyards, rugged mountains, soaring redwood forests, and dramatic deserts – California stands atop of my list as the most beautiful state in the US.

The scenery shifts spectacularly from south to north, and its cities and towns range from quaint to artsy to downright fabulous. Plus, no other place in the nation inspires such a sense of wanderlust quite like the Golden State. Whether your California dreams involve driving the Big Sur coastline, surfing in Malibu, watching the sunset over Golden Gate Bridge, hiking in Yosemite National Park, or wine tasting in Sonoma, you’re in for a real treat.

Natural jewels such as the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Mohave Desert, Sequoia National Park, or magical Mount Shasta make the most populous state in the United States an adventurer’s wonderland, while unique destinations like Disneyland and Hollywood add to its staggering diversity.

With a lovely laid-back attitude, a divine Mediterranean climate, and a distinctive, colorful culture all of its own, California is hands down one of the best states to visit. To capture its true spirit, dive into the coffee scene in hipster-centric San Francisco, marvel at the Midcentury Modernist architecture of Palm Springs, indulge in the sophisticated European charm of Santa Barbara, and go vintage shopping in Joshua Tree – an oasis of cool in the middle of the desert. Oh, and don’t forget sunny, good-looking Los Angeles, with its vibrant, eclectic neighborhoods, cutting-edge culture, star-studded restaurants, and glorious sweeps of golden sand.

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What’s your favorite state in America?

  1. I feel so lucky to live in Oregon. It is such a beautiful, beautiful place – even in all shades of gray weather. Montana & Alaska are close runners up for me too though. I’d also include Washington & Wyoming on the list.

  2. I agree with you, Oregon is wonderful. As for the other states, I would’ve liked to include them all, but was only room for 10. However, each of them deserves a post of its own, so stay in touch:).

    1. Lindy Ridinger Lindy Ridinger says:

      There is an old saying, “a photographer can’t take a bad picture in New Mexico”. I guess you will catch that when you visit Texas.

  3. It actually hurt my eyes looking at these breath stopping images. I’d say you’ve pretty well nailed the list. Arizona is the jewel in my travel crown as a self confessed desert junkie. Under one ‘roof’ you have the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, Saquaro Forst, the Meteor Crater, Arizona-Sonora Desert… and the list goes on. It is impossible not to want to photograph these. Many countries have grand vistas to stop us in our tracks but the USA can boast a phenomenally diverse buffet of natural wonders on scales that are no doubt visible from space too. I think rating a place has as much to do with what it looks like (does it knock our socks off?) as to how it makes us feel. Stand beneath the cliffs of Yosemite and listen to what resonates within you. Awe. Humility. Insignificance. Privilege. Even fear. When a place moves you like that, it’s usually to another good place and a great reason to keep on travelling.

  4. Thanks for the wonderful comment, Yvette. By the way, your photos are absolutely breathtaking.

  5. Hi Janice,
    Before writing this post, I was so afraid that many Americans won’t agree (which is normal, because everyone loves its own state and each state has its own charm). However, your comment comes like a breath of fresh air:). Thanks!

  6. Meeroona, those are some incredible pictures. I would say that I definitely agree for the most part to your state listings. I’d say on a random note Louisiana could give #8 Michigan a run for its money, but then again I haven’t yet been to them all. But I will soon!

    1. Hi Christian,
      New York is my favorite city in the world :), but in my opinion, the states mentioned above are more beautiful than NY State.

  7. Thanks for including Michigan! Traverse City is one of the most charming towns in the US!

  8. Yellowstone is primarily in Wyoming. It really should only be mentioned if Wyoming were on this list.

  9. nickasatourian nickasatourian says:

    I judge by eco-diversity, affordability and ability to actual enjoy the environment. California is becoming a third world ghetto. It’s Pacific waters are filthy. The state is so large that taxes and gas prices make affordability nearly impossible and travel a rare occasion. I would put California at number 3 or 2 if not for its government.

    1. Wyoming (Forests, Deserts, Mountains, Rivers and Lakes)
    2. Colorado. My home (Forests, Deserts, Mountains, Rivers and Lakes)
    3. Oregon (Forests, Mountains, Rivers and Lakes)
    4. Washington (Forests, Mountains, Rivers and Lakes)
    5. Texas (Plains, Valleys, Lakes and Gulf Of Mexico)
    6. Minnesota (Forests, Mountains, Rivers and Lakes)
    7. California (Forests, Deserts, Mountains, Rivers and Lakes)
    8. Virginia (Endless forests, prairies, foothills, valleys, rivers and lakes)

    1. Thanks for your suggestions, Nick! Sounds interesting!

    2. Gonna have to agree with nick. Wyoming is king!!!

    3. Love Wyoming!! Here’s my list: 1. Alaska 2. Idaho 3. Iowa 4. Maine 5. Minnesota 6. Michigan 7. New Hampshire 8. Ohio 9. Oregon 10. Wyoming

      1. no arizona? really?

    4. I agree with your top three. Yellowstone and the Tetons in Wyoming are just stunning, but there are several other areas in that state that are beautiful, too.

  10. any list that doesn’t include washington is no list at all. Cascade and Olympic mountains, the puget sound and pacific coast, the largest expanse of temperate rainforest in the US, and that’s just the west side of the state. In the east you have amazing geologic structures such as the columbia gorge and scablands, the palouse in the southeast, and the foothill of the rockies in the north east.

    1. Hi Andy,
      I’m sure Washington is beautiful and I would love to visit it some day. However this is a subjective list and all your suggestions are welcome!

      1. Ron Allen Ron Allen says:

        Yeah, subjectively bad. Washington is top 5 all day!

  11. Ritz Kashyap Ritz Kashyap says:

    I’m an Indian and I havnt visited the US. Bt if I do my top priorities wil be montana,michigan, wyoming,florida,utah,colorado and of course oregon,as i’m a nature lover. I’ve only seen pictures bt from your discussion now I’m sure I’m nt wrong.

  12. I know its opinion, but you skipped the entire Appalachian mountain chain, one of the most beautiful areas in the world (subjectively). Virginia or maybe New Hampshire or North Carolina needs to be on there! Think of Virginia, the Shenandoah valley, Atlantic ocean beaches and dunes, vast forests of rolling hills, beautiful lakes and beautiful rivers like the Potomac or the James. Great list though.

    1. b. shumaker b. shumaker says:

      Couldn’t agree more. North Carolina is beautiful as well as Virginia. And they have such a rich history that adds to the beauty.

  13. George Wilkerson George Wilkerson says:

    Mississippi is another state that in my opinion is beautiful. It has a very ugly reputation but if you visit you will fall in love. Also we have amazing southern hostility.

    1. I’m not sure if ‘southern hostility’ is a typo or not…

  14. I can’t disagree with your opinion 😉 My passion is motorcycle touring and I’ve traveled to all states mentioned except Alaska and Hawaii. For diversity, I would have to say California is tops on the list bar none. The combination of deserts, mountains, coastlines and BIG trees is amazing. That state almost has it all. I say almost because if you like “swamps”, you’ll have to go south for that.

    My home base is in northeast Georgia in the Blue Ridge Mountains and I have to give a shout-out for my state. You will find not find a more geographically diverse state east of the Mississippi. We have beautiful mountains, plains, wetlands, and coast-lines. I can’t think of a better place to live If you like to travel (the world’s busiest airport is also just down the road). Interestingly enough, I find the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen to be in the southwest plains of Georgia in the fall. There’s something about the open fields of peanuts and onions that yields the most spectacular hues of purple and orange when the sun is sliding below the horizon.

  15. Lived in 4 of the top 10! Oregon is my favorite as far as landscape but the lack of sun is not pleasant. Utah, Colorado, and Florida are the other states. We hope to settle in colorado soon.

  16. Why isn’t Oregon number 1? It’s the prettiest…

    1. Very Beautiful place, but I think the other states mentioned have more diversity of landscapes.

  17. Just arrived home a couple of days ago here in Germany from a tour starting New york, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington & Atlantic City. I´m a nature lover! I would say that the natural beauty and the breathtaking views in Washington especially the cruise along the Potomac River passing the historic monuments, landmarks and bridges has impressed me the most.

  18. I’ve been all over the country. How Wyoming did not make this top 10 list is pretty amusing. I’d put the Cowboy state near the top of the list and certainly ahead of Utah, Arizona and Michigan.

    1. No way can you put Wyoming ahead of Utah, it has everything Wyoming can offer and much more. I can agree that it is nicer than Arizona and Michigan though.

  19. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    You must not have been to Washington. I’ve traveled all over the country and there’s no place like it. Mount Rainer, Olympic mountains and rain forest, the ocean, the bay, Seattle.

    1. Actually, I haven’t, Stephanie, but thanks a lot for the tips!

  20. You have described all of the states so beautifully, Meeroona! It’s hard to determine which of them to “pick”. We are a South African couple looking for work at a ranch in one of the states (yip, a ranch – lol. Nature lovers since I’ve worked at famous SHAMWARI game reserve and love the outdoors). For some reason Montana stole our hearts, but your description of the states made it MUCH HARDER to decide!! Hopefully our sunny south-african spirits won’t get broken by the -temperatures of cold montana. Thank you for this beautiful, informative page. Regards Frans & Yola

    1. Thank you for your beautiful words, Yola and nice meeting you. I really hope you guys will have an excellent time in Montana!

  21. You must be kidding. Hawaii makes only #6? There is no beach in California that can even compare to the majority of Hawaii’s beaches. The snorkeling / sea life is unmatched in almost any area of the world. Hawaii is as beautiful as a dream.

    1. I really appreciate your comment, Lilo, and I’m sure you’re perfectly right about Hawaii’s lovely beaches. However, I think this is just a matter of taste. Thanks for stopping by!

  22. Thank you for this list. We all have our favorite places and it was enjoyable to read about yours. Based on your list, you would probably enjoy Washington and Wyoming, too. Happy travels.

    1. That’s very kind of you! Actually, one of my friends has recently returned from Washington and he absolutely loved it, so I’m sure it’s a beautiful state.

  23. Very happy to see that Michigan made the list! As a life long resident, I can tell you it is a very underrated state. Everyone things about Detroit and Flint but when you head into northern Michigan (mainly the upper peninsula) you will surely see why Michigan is on this list!

  24. The East has so much variety, that you really need to have 5 states from the West and five states from the East.

    1. California
    2. Arizona
    3. Colorado
    4. New Mexico(culturally and scenically enchanting)
    5. Montana
    6. North Carolina, amazing place
    7. Virginia has it all
    8. Vermont. Beautiful people, too.
    9. New York State. It has NYC, too; world’s greatest city.
    10. Wisconsin is my favorite Great Lake state, and I lived 5 years in Michigan
    and four years in Wisconsin. Michigan is nice, though.

  25. I was born in Colorado, and remained obsessed with Colorado after we moved to Michigan.
    I first saw California when I was 18, and it has the best(and worst)of everything. It’s a more interesting
    state than Colorado. Hawaii and Florida are BORING unless you are nuts about the beach.
    Never been to Alaska. It must be pretty boring, too, if you’re not into permafrost. Sleeping Bear Dunes is the most beautiful place in America!??? Has GMA ever heard of Maroon Bells near Aspen?
    Have you ever been to Maroon Bells? You’ll faint. Or Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes Natl. Park?

    I have lived near Tokyo for 21 years. This is an interesting place. I live about 55 miles from Fukushima Ground Zero. LOL. House is almost paid off.

  26. I’m not sure if you’ve ever spent time in New York outside New York City – but as someone who has spent time in all 48 lower states and lived in California, Pennsylvania, and Virginia – I can tell you that, as a NYC resident, New York State is absolutely the best kept secret in the U.S. So what makes New York so beautiful? Here is a brief list of superlatives.
    – New York is the only state in the country that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes (fronting on 2 Great Lakes)
    -Home to Adirondack Park, a breathtaking park in the East’s great Mountain region. The park is the largest in the US – larger than Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Glacier and Great Smoky Mountains COMBINED. The winter Olympics were held in the Adirondack area town of Lake Placid twice.
    -Long Island’s East End has one of the most beautiful coasts from the Hamptons to Montauk Point – and particularly the more remote r North Fork area too.
    – The Finger Lakes Wine Region was voted the most beautiful wine region in the world in a Budget Travel magazine survey beating out regions in France, Italy and California. It is also the oldest wine region in the country and second in size only to California’s.
    -The Hudson Valley region just north of NYC is known as America’s Rhine for its scenic beauty and collection of grand estates (Rockefeller’s Kykuit is a standout) along the river. The area is home to West Point, the setting for the Legend of Sleepy Hallow tales, family farms, and picturesque towns and villages dating to pre-colonial times. The Hudson Highlands area is particularly scenic.
    -The “Gunks” region (Shawgunks) offer the greatest rock climbing cliffs East of the Mississippi
    – The Thousand Island Seaway – archipelago of over 1,000 islands straddling the US/Canadian border.
    -Niagara Falls!
    So what other state offers our largest city at one end, its largest state park in another, and Niagara Falls in yet another.
    And no city (except for Chicago) comes close to matching having the beauty of NYC’s northern suburbs which are still dominated by small villages connected by train to Manhattan with gorgeously scenic billboard-free parkways like the Taconic, Saw Mill, Bronx River, etc.that curve and meander through lush forest and over rivers and falls, mere miles from the heart of Manhattan.
    Come explore it some time!

  27. Wow! Thanks for the complex info!No, I’ve never had the chance to explore the state of NY, but I really really hope to do it one day.

  28. My favorite is Montana I have dreams of going there I really love it its so wonderful!!!

  29. Jacob Dunstan Jacob Dunstan says:

    Hi Meeroona, interesting list. However, I must profess it disappoints me a little that Vermont failed to make the cut. It’s my favourite US state. Burlington, VT on the banks of Lake Champlain is a spot of unrivaled majesty and beauty (in my opinion). Having lived in North Carolina, I also would have that gloriously piney state in the top ten. Great list nonetheless though, and it’s inspired me to check out states like the ostensibly pristine states of Montana and Oregon which I hitherto haven’t seen!

  30. what about ohio

    1. I moved from California to Ohio, and am a landscape photographer. While in CA, I had to carry my camera everywhere and shot photos of everything. It’s so beautiful there. After moving to OH, haven’t felt the need to touch my camera for over 3 years. That’s how ugly Ohio is.

      1. That’s sad, but I’m sure Ohio has its own hidden gems:).

    2. bluegreen8 bluegreen8 says:

      I love Ohio; it has quaint towns and rolling hills. Beautiful green in the summer.

  31. I’m also wondering how none of the Appalachian region made the list. As a Pennsylvania resident who has been to many other states, Pennsylvania is absolutely the prettiest. If you come here, you will see tons of mountains, waterfalls, rivers, gorges. Many people I know, who are from other mountain states and have been to PA, say it’s the most beautiful state they’ve been to.

  32. Carole Matz Carole Matz says:

    I just want to say that USA is most beautiful country in world. I am from UK and have been to South Africa (boring, arid, overrated especially Cape Town which can’t hold a candle to San Francisco and Rio (OK I’m going south now!). Believe me Table Mountain is just a flat boulder and I couldn’t wait to leave the place. If you want to see a lion go visit a theme park and save yourself the air fare! Sun City is one casino in middle of nowhere–hello have you seen Vegas?
    USA has some delightful places which aren’t on the main tourist map. One is Mount Dora in central Florida which is just gorgeous.

  33. Chuc Presley-Clubb Chuc Presley-Clubb says:

    North Carolina is one of the most beautiful states in the USA! You have the southern charm and hospitality—-and the mountains of the Blue Ridge and Great Smokies—plus the gorgeous Outer Banks of the Atlantic Ocean! The “Tar Heel” state is a top 10 state of variety and beauty!

  34. I just felt so bored and can’t sleep, so I’ve decided to give my own list (Top 25 Most Beautiful, Scenic States of America). I was born in upstate New York and currently live in Hyannis, MA. As we all know, every state has their own hidden gem.

    1. Utah
    2. Arizona
    3. Alaska
    4. Hawaii
    5. California
    6. Idaho
    7. New Mexico
    8. Wyoming
    9. Montana
    10. Colorado
    11. Oregon
    12. Washington
    13. Nevada
    14. New York
    15. Pennsylvania
    16. New Hampshire
    17. Virginia
    18. North Carolina
    19. Maryland
    20. West Virginia
    21. Vermont
    22. Massachusetts
    23. Maine
    24. Florida
    25. South Dakota

    1. There is no reason not to have Michigan in a list of top 25, Sleeping Bear Dunes is the most beautiful place in America and as a whole Michigan belongs I’m any top 10 list.

    2. Great list

    3. Actually, I think Nevada belongs in the bottom 25 since it’s just a huge state with grassy plains, hills, and very few mountains & forests.

  35. Great list! Here’s my opinion…

    1. Hawaii
    2. California
    3. Utah
    4. Oregon
    5. Washington
    6. Idaho
    7. Colorado
    8. Arizona
    9. Montana
    10. Vermont

    As you can see I am very biased towards the west coast and mountain west. I have been to some of the eastern states and they are very beautiful in their own right but for me without peaks, the pacific coast, or desert landscapes they can’t compare.

  36. Just for fun (and cause I feel like it), I’ve decided to finish my list! 🙂

    26. Michigan
    27. Wisconsin
    28. Minnesota
    29. Ohio
    30. Texas
    31. Mississippi
    32. Louisiana
    33. Georgia
    34. Alabama
    35. Kentucky
    36. Tennessee
    37. South Carolina
    38. Arkansas
    39. Indiana
    40. Oklahoma
    41. New Jersey
    42. Connecticut
    43. Missouri
    44. Illinois
    45. Iowa
    46. Kansas
    47. Nebraska
    48. North Dakota
    49. Rhode Island
    50. Delaware

    1. LOL, that’s crazy. Tennessee at 36 below ohio. hahahah

    2. Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana are all the ugliest states in America.

  37. Michigan #1, California #2, Washington #3, Oregon #4, AZ (where I live) #5

  38. Virginia over North Carolina? I think not. Otherwise though your list is much better than the OP’s

  39. West Virginia should absolutely be in the top ten. Beautiful and affordable.

  40. I agree with this list but have to chuckle at those trying to argue that Wyoming should be ahead of states like Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Montana, or Alaska (or even in the top 10 for that matter). While the eastern 1/4 of the state that encompasses Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, and the Grand Teton area is beautiful and in the top 10 most naturally beautiful places, the rest of the state is not pretty at all and more closely resembles the flat and barren Midwestern states. Those of us that live in the west and know Wyoming well would rank it near the bottom (after Nevada and New Mexico) of all western states.

    I agree with a previous poster that if you are into the outdoors, Utah has the greatest diversity of terrain and is probably the overall naturally most beautiful state in the country. Where else can you find beautiful mountains and world class skiing and incredible desert landscapes (that most mistake and think is Arizona) . Colorado has some but lacks the incredible desert scenery. Utah’s skiing is every bit as good and probably better overall than Colorado as well, even if many haven’t discovered or realized it yet.

    While there are beautiful states and scenery throughout the country, there is no question that the west offers by far the prettiest and most diverse landscape of any area in the country.

  41. Washington is top three easily. There is literally no reason why Oregon should ever be in front of Washington. It’s not as diverse geographically and it doesn’t have anything that compares to the Puget Sound. You cannot name a certain type of geographic setting not found in Washington. Miles of sandy beach coastline on the pacific. Rocky coastline farther up north on the Olympic peninsula. Huge river (Columbia), alpine lakes, desert lakes, residential lakes, huge lakes, lake Washington and chelan to name a few, 3 mountain ranges (cascades, Olympic, Rockies in NE) four if you include the blue mountains in the south east, from just about anywhere in the Puget sound area you have mountain ranges visible both to the east and west, Mt. Rainier, the most prominant mountain in the US and probably the most beautiful, along with St. Helens and Baker and Adams, baren desert where it’s 100 degrees everyday in the summer and a frozen tundra in the winter, too many islands to count, the San Jauns are especially beautiful, you feel like you’re in Greece when you’re there, the Palouse with rolling hills of farmland for as far as you can see. River gorges with huge desert canyons that the average person would mistake as being in Arizona, sea cliffs, beaches that constantly get 5 to 8 foot waves, the entire Puget Sound, Seattle is probably the most beautiful city in the world and it’s extremely clean, very progressive and one of the most economically sound cities in the US, huge vineyards, foothills, rain forest, valleys, plateaus, several hundred foot waterfalls, swamp, marsh, meadows, grasslands, enormous glaciers, endless rivers and streams, sand dunes, is there anything else to name? Washington could easily be #1 just due to it’s diversity. Idaho should also definitely be in the top 10. My top 10 would be Washington, California, Hawaii, Utah, Colorado, Hawaii, Florida, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon.

  42. I would rank it as follows:

    9.New Hampshire
    10.New York

    As you can see I am partial to the mountains of the northwest and the woods of the northeast. Tennesse is listed because of the diverse foilage, the Apps and the plains. Hope you agree! As you might also notice I hate the desert.

  43. I live in Florida and no way would I include this state. for one, the “Latin vibe” here has made it more dangerous (need to mention this part because it’s true). also that mostly exists in the southern parts not the northern areas which have more southern vibes. outside of that Florida is flat with only the beach areas being of any interest, like one big endless beach town. the attractions are nice but they don’t make up for the boring terrain. there are lots of poor people here and LOTS of transplants, part-timers, tourists, northeast snowbirds, and refugees all of which make this a highly transient state. and the large pockets of poverty makes it feel more like a third world country. having been to every state in the country I honestly would not include Florida.

  44. Philip Hartje Philip Hartje says:

    I almost fully agree with this list, but where is the great state of Wyoming? It is home to the first national park, and monument. And there is no place like Jackson Hole, even though it is over toured. Everyone knows about Yellowstone, and there are so many other things. This bugged me.

  45. West Virginia is beautiful almost heaven West Virginia hawks nest new river gorge Appalachian mountains I love that beautiful state California is mostly famous for celebrities

  46. 10: Oklahoma
    5:New Mexico

  47. I can’t believe Vermont’s not on this list. Have you been to the north east?

  48. Fun list and comments. I think ‘beauty’ has to be some combination of majesty, diversity and consistency (i.e. pretty all over, which is why I think Wyoming doesn’t quite make the list). Personally, I’d swap out Florida…the interior is NOT attractive and replace it with Washington, and Michigan gets replaced by New York for all the reasons MACKNY stated.

  49. Thomas Foster IV Thomas Foster IV says:

    Vermont? Vermont? Florida is absolutely ugly. All the buildings and the tourists on the beaches. I used to live there for seven years, but Vermont needs to be on this list.

  50. Jeremy Baker Jeremy Baker says:

    Lists like these are usually personal choice, but this list is good. I live in CO and it’s hard to argue against any of the top 7 (although I would include Wyoming), but I believe the most beautiful state is Hawaii. Most people just think of beaches when thinking of Hawaii, and yes they have the best beaches in the US and it’s not even close. However, Hawaii’s landscape, environment and climate are very diverse. From the amazing rain forests of Kauai and Maui, to the mountain ranges and deep valleys, to the 13,000 ft plus peaks of Mauana Kea and Mauana Loa on the Big Island (which are sometime snow capped), to it’s vast collection of waterfalls of all different shapes and sizes, to Kilauea’s active lava flows of the Big Island, to the vast array of year long flora, to the unique scenery at the top of Maui’s Haleakala (world’s largest dormant volcano), to Lanai’s sea cliffs (highest in the world), to the history that is Pearl Harbor, to the amazingly perfect year round weather, to the constant amazing sunsets and of course the vast underwater scenery that’s as good as it gets anywhere in the US. All this and more makes Hawaii much more than just a place with amazing beaches, but the most beautiful state in the U.S.!

  51. Every state has its beauty and should be on the list Florida is absolutely a beautiful state with its crystal white sand beaches and a immense amount of things to entertain ones self with. She did not place the states on the list based upon what kinda people were living or visiting there get yours heads out the gutter just the simplicity and beauty of the state, IF YOU DONT LIKE CERTAIN THINGS ABOUT THE STATE DONT GO THERE but wherever you are enjoy and appreciate what God has given us to admire and preserve.

  52. Minnesota should be on the list… northern MN is similar to the UP of MI but it is a much larger area and has alot more sights to see. The north shore is beautiful and its so remote and far away from pollution up north that superior’s water is almost transparent.

  53. These are my list. Half i lived in, half i’ve visited.
    10. FLORIDA
    09. NEW YORK
    08. VIRGINIA
    07. GEORGIA (City Under Trees)
    06. MONTANA
    05. VERMONT
    04. MICHIGAN
    03. ARIZONA
    02. COLORADO

  54. Hey, I came across your list and the overview you depicted is just great. I’m from Italy, I’ve never got a chance to visit the States so far, but I’m planning a trip for next summer, hopefully. Sooo, if you were me, which cities would you go to? 🙂 Thanks for any advice! 🙂

    1. Hi Sara,
      For the first time visitor, I would definitely recommend New York City.

  55. This is a great list, those are all beautiful states. 😀 Alaska and Montana are my favorites.

  56. I might be biased here, because Vermont is where I was born, but it (Vermont) should definitely be on this list.

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