Romania’s First Anti-Café Opens in Bucharest

Time is valuable and that’s exactly what Seneca Anticafe is all about. Situated near Kiseleff Park, in Bucharest, this special place serves as a social and cultural hub for the creative class, offering everything from snacks and beverages to books and board games to business facilities. And the best part – a modern and inviting ambience in which to enjoy all these for free. Well, kind of.

Anti Cafe in Bucharest

For those unfamiliar with the term, an anti-café is a place where you don’t pay for what you consume, but for the time you spend inside. The trend arose in Russia a couple of years ago, but spread like wildfire across Europe, and for good reason.

Cafe Workspace

Romania’s first anti-café welcomes its guests with smartly designed interiors, super friendly staff, and a kitchen where you can heat up food and make your own tea. Additionally, the space features a small amphitheater and is ingeniously decorated in a contemporary industrial theme with lots of wood and quirky touches such as hanging light fixtures, paper flowers, and witty quotes adorning the walls.

Anti Cafe Lounge Area

Vintage Typewriter

Seneca Anticafe is a place where everyone (students, freelancers, professionals) can work, play, and unwind in a serene, creative environment that pleases the eye and relaxes the mind. They also host workshops, book launches, and various events. The price is 8 RON (less than 2 EUR) per hour no matter what and how much is consumed. Every minute you spend over 5 hours is on the house.

Seneca Anticafe