37 Photos That Prove Montenegro Is the Most Spectacular Country in Europe

In many ways, Montenegro is the perfect country. Locals welcome you with open arms, the cuisine is deep and delicious, and nature shines through in all its glory.

This tiny, exotic nation in the Balkans squeezes a wealth of ancient walled towns, glorious beaches, and spectacular island monasteries into an area smaller than Istanbul. Along its dazzling 200-mile coastline, lush green ridges and bright red rooftops vie with the shimmering royal blues of the Adriatic, while the mountainous heartland – bejeweled with primeval forests and mirror-like glacial lakes – is blissfully rugged and wild.

Why visit Montenegro

Rounding out the picture are swanky yacht marinas and elegant Venetian-inspired cities, where locals chat over frothy Italian espressos and freshly baked pastries at sunny pavement cafés.

Sheltered by towering limestone cliffs and scattered with spellbinding medieval jewels, it’s no surprise most visitors flock to the fjord-like Bay of Kotor. But those who venture inland are rewarded with sleepy untouched villages, breathtaking mountain scenery, and the biggest canyon in Europe – a land of rushing waterfalls, mysterious caves, and majestic forest-clad limestone peaks in the UNESCO-protected Durmitor National Park.

Not convinced yet? These beautiful photos, from the meandering crystal-clear Tara River to postcard-perfect Sveti Stefan, not only prove that this is Europe’s most spectacular country, but they will make you want to visit Montenegro right now.

Ancient city in Montenegro
Beach at the Adriatic
Ladder to the Adriatic Sea
Green mountains
Tara River
Spectacular nature
Turquoise river
Biogradska Gora National Park
Zabljak, Montenegro
Autumn colors in Montenegro
Ancient house
Street in old town
Narrow cobblestone street
Old blue windows
The Church of Our Lady of Remedy
Yachts in Kotor Bay
Aerial view of Kotor Bay
Nature in Montenegro
Red rooftops in Budva
Idyllic street in Budva
Sea fortress Forte Mare
Fort in Petrovac
Savina Monastery
Street in Old Budva
Old town near Bay of Kotor
St. George church, Perast
Bar Stari Grad
Countryside in Montenegro
Ancient ruins at Bar Stari Grad
Herceg Novi
Traditional kiosk in Montenegro
Sveti Stefan Island
Spectacular country in Europe
Sunset on the Adriatic Sea
Village at night

Images licensed by Ingram Image