30 Photos That Prove Chicago Is America’s Most Architecturally Stunning City

A walk around Chicago is an epic journey through the city’s flamboyant eras. You’ll be equally delighted by the Loop’s Art Deco skyscrapers, the exciting spots recalling the Jazz Age, or the “gangster” feel of the 20s that still pervades some of the city’s culturally diverse neighborhoods.

Best architecture in America
Photo by Stephen Walker

Then, there’s the stunning Chicago Riverwalk, the award-winning 150 North Riverside, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House, a masterpiece of the Prairie School – the first architectural style uniquely American.

Although founded in 1837, Chicago’s thriving evolution began after the Great Chicago Fire, a conflagration that devastated a large part of the city in 1871. The refurbish period endowed the Windy City with the world’s first modern skyscraper – Home Insurance Building (1884), a trend that later spread across the globe.

Nowadays, America’s third-largest city is also one of the most spectacular in terms of design, urban planning, and architecture, with everything from marvelous parks and historic landmarks to undulating sculptural towers and some of the most beautiful churches in the United States.

Until you get a chance to see it in person, marvel at these photos that show some of the best architecture in Chicago:

Chicago skyline view from above
Buildings in Downtown Chicago
Photo: jqnoc/Depositphotos.com
Millenium Ball, Chicago
Tribune Tower, Chicago
Photo: tupungato/Depositphotos.com
Office buildings in Chicago
Photo: trongnguyen/Depositphotos.com
Chicago Fire Engine 98
Photo: Jkirsch13/Depositphotos.com
Lake Point Tower
Navy Pier, Chicago
Photo: marchello74/Depositphotos.com
Parking in Chicago
Photo: demerzel21/Depositphotos.com
Metropolitan Correctional Center, Chicago
Photo: Bumble-Dee/Depositphotos.com
Lake Shore Drive, Chicago
Tall and narrow building in Chicago
Photo by Chris Dickens
Street in Chicago
Photo by Dave Arellano
Chicago Board of Trade Building
Photo: demerzel21/Depositphotos.com
Avenue in Chicago
Photo by Brandon Mattingly
Sunset in Chicago
Photo by Bryan Minear
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Most beautiful city in America
Chicago river
Chicago Riverwalk
Photo: tifonimages/Depositphotos.com
Chicago Loop
Photo: melastmohican/Depositphotos.com
Chicago Theatre
Photo: sepavone/Depositphotos.com
Chicago's Financial District
Chicago street lights
Photo by Andrew Seaman
Buckingham Fountain, Chicago
Bridge in Chicago
Railroads in Chicago
Train station in Chicago
Chicago seen from above
Photo: sepavone/Depositphotos.com