Superstition is nothing but belief in supernatural causation as a random event leads to another without these two to be related in some way to each other.

There are many things about Romania that you’ve probably haven’t heard about, unless you actually lived here for a while. But even so, we all know that it’s almost impossible to learn everything about a country. There are so many superstitions in Romania that will make you even wonder who are we and which era we belong to. Some people don’t believe in them (like me), but others live and guide their lives according to these superstitions, especially in the rural side of the country.

I know that many of these won’t make any sense, it doesn’t to me either….and I am a Romanian, but I decided to share a few with you…some I cannot even write due to lack of translation:)

Funny superstitions

Warning! You will probably have different reactions reading these superstitions, like 😂 😒 😕

Watch out supernatural fans, this could get very weird and scary!

1. If you break a mirror you will be the happy beneficiary of 7 years of bad luck

2. If you play with a knife the angels will run away from you, and if you play with fire you will pee in your bed

3. If the black cat will cross the road in front of you, or if you will meet a priest on the road, then you will have bad luck

4. If your palm is itching it means that you will either receive some money or you will get beaten

5. Never tell a fisherman Good Luck, as this will mean bad luck

6. If it rains at your wedding it means you will have a happy marriage

7. Never give the last cigarette from your pack because this means giving away your wife

8. If you stay in the corner of the table, you will never get married

9. A pregnant woman should never tie a scarf on her neck, or the baby will be born with the umbilical cord around his neck

10. You should never get out from a house on another door except the one you entered, as it will bring bad luck

11. If you’re moving to a new house and don’t bring with you the old broom, it will bring bad luck

12. If you spill water on the floor, never wash it with your foot

13. If a painting will fall from a wall, it means a close friend or a relative will die very soon

14. If you start arranging the bed never stop before finishing because it brings bad luck

15. Never wash your hair on a Tuesday or else you will have bad luck

16. If you leave leftovers in your plate then you will marry an ugly wife/husband

17. When you sew a cloth that you are wearing you need to have a small piece of thread in your mouth, or else you will sew your mind

18. If you spill your coffee, you will receive money

19. Once you get out of the house, never look back or else your entire day will go wrong

20. Never leave your purse on the floor, or else you will lose money

21. Crying at your wedding brings good luck

22. If a cat washes her face and paws in the hallway it means guests are coming. If the cat is washing on the threshold, you will be visited by a priest

23. Breaking a glass will banish the bad luck

24. In your wedding night don’t change your slippers, or you will change your man

25. Baby’s nails should never be cut until the age of one, or else he will become a thief

26. Never beat animals during your pregnancy, or your baby will be born very hairy

27. Never get married in May, or else your marriage will be blown away like the leaves of the trees

28. If you have your mouth opened while conceiving your baby, you will give birth to a girl

29. If 13 people stay at one table, then one of them will surely die before the end of the year

30. If you keep a dry frog in a bag and wear it with you all time, it will keep epilepsy away from you

31. If you want to make a man fall in love with you, then make him eat a cake in which you introduced a piece of your nail

32. If you bite your tongue while eating, is because you recently told a lie

33. If guests at your wedding talk about marriage after the sunset, then the groom will cheat the bride

34. If you have an itchy right foot, you will leave in a journey

35. If you drop an umbrella on the floor, then in that house there will be a murder

36. When you hear the sound of a turtle-dove, stop, turn around three times, remove your left shoe, and in it you will find a hair just like the hair of your chosen one

37. It will grow a green melon in your stomach if you eat one of its seeds

38. When cows raise their tails, it’s a sign that it will rain soon

39. If you dream of killing a bear, is a signal that you’re free of all tangles in your life

40. For having good luck the rest of the year, wear something new for Easter

41. If you write an exam with the same pen with which you have prepared yourself for the exam, the pencil will remember the answers

42. If you were a bridesmaid for three times, then you will remain unmarried

43. If you drop the scissors, it means your boyfriend / girlfriend cheated you

44. A spoon dropped it is a sign that your lover must come

45. If you wear a foot rabbit in your pocket, it will protect from evil spirits

45. After you give birth do not go over water (bridges) because you will run out of milk

46. If a bee gets inside your house, you will soon have a guest. If you kill the bee then the visit will be an unpleasant one and bad luck will hunt you all day

47. Seeing an ambulance brings bad luck, unless you pinch your nose right away or hold your breath until you see a brown or a black dog

48. During spring, if you go to a party, take a sip of water. Don’t spit it, go back home walking back, go to your bed, and there spit the water out of your mouth; at night you will dream your chosen one bringing you a glass of water

49. Count 100 white horses and you will marry the first unmarried man you’ll meet

50. A swan feather introduced in your husband pillow will ensure your partner’s fidelity

51. If three people are photographed together, the one in the middle will die first

52. If you sing before 7, you will cry before 11

53. If you catch a falling leaf on the first day of autumn, you will not be cold all winter

54. At least one window should always be opened at a funeral, to allow the spirit to leave

55. If you dream yourself with false teeth, you will have unexpected help for your problem

56. Everyone with a dimpled chin, was touched by Cupid

57. If a raven is near a sick person, then there is no chance of recovery for that person

58. If you hit the net of a spider, you will meet a new friend

59. Do not change the bedding on a Friday, or you will dream bad that night

60. If a cat sits on someones grave, the dead soul arrived in Hell

61. If in a room are 13 people at one time, then the one that sits closest to a mirror will die

62. If you lost something important, put a gall upside down on the window sill and you will find it

63. Is not good to give animals for free, because you will carry them on your back on the other side

64. If you’re dreaming mice, you are or you will be pregnant

65. It’s a sign of bad luck if you throw the garbage after the sunset

66. Never make payments on a Monday, or else you will give money all week

I told you, Romania is eccentric and surprising, and you haven’t hear anything yet!

Let me know if you like them, hate them, or if you find them weird, scary, or stupid, and also let me know about some interesting ones in your own country.


Written by Meeroona

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