Zanzibar’s Most Scenically Located Restaurant

There’s a reason why The Rock has become Zanzibar’s most famous restaurant. Rising 7 meters above the emerald waters of the Indian Ocean, this magical dining venue sits on a small stand-alone cliff just off the white-sand Michanwi Pingwe beach, in the middle of the sea.

Restaurant in the middle of the sea

Although the spectacular setting – fully surrounded by water during high tides – is its main draw, The Rock’s fishy menu is equally appealing, featuring freshly-caught seafood along with a generous selection of fine wines.

Zanzibar’s most famous restaurant

The Rock Special (lobster, cigal, jumbo prawn, fish fillet and calamari all on the grill)

Additionally, guests are offered both indoor seating as well as a glorious terrace where they can dine while accompanied by splendid water views and the gentle sea breeze.

The Rock's roof terrace

With its delicious locally-inspired cuisine, laid-back atmosphere, and rather simple, traditionally decorated interiors, The Rock is an authentic Zanzibari experience and a downright unforgettable one.

The Rock Restaurant

A boat service is provided for visitors looking to leave or reach the restaurant during high tides.

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