Where To Spend The End Of The World

Hollywood directors have always consider it a hot topic; the Mayans supposedly predicted it; scientists, priests and people from all over the world never stop talking about it; and astrologists assure us that something will certainly happen on December 21, 2012.

That’s right, I’m talking about the end of world. Whether something will occur or not, this is still an important cycle-ending time, a unique moment that only happens once every 26,000 years or so, and why not, a reason to celebrate and travel the world. Here are 3 doomsday travel ideas that might save you, or at least enrich your travel record.

Maya Region

Mayan ruins
Photo by Grand Velas Riviera Maya

Skeptical or not, you can’t deny the fact that this winter solstice would be a great reason to explore the amazing Mayan region. Besides, there’s not Nostradamus that we’re talking about here, are the skilled Mayan mathematicians that managed to surprise the whole world with their talent for astronomy, and whatever that ending calendar might have been referred to, the Mayans still remain one of the most fascinating civilizations we know, or better said, we don’t know.

December 21, which coincides with the winter solstice (13 b’aktun), is actually an ideal period to visit the Mayan heartland. On this particular date there will be all sorts of enthralling celebrations taking place, especially at the archaeological sites throughout the territory. Highlights of your trip should include Uxmal; Merida – one of the most important chains of archaeological sites in the Mayan culture; the famous Chichen Itza in Yucatan; San Ignacio in Belize; Lago de Atitlan in Guatemala; or the swanky Riviera Maya.

Commonly, the term of Maya Region refers to territories such as Guatemala, Belize, western parts of Honduras, El Salvador, as well as the Yucatan peninsula, Tabasco and Chiapas in Mexico. Whichever destination you’ll choose, there will be many festivals, celebrations, workshops, countdowns and even time-capsule ceremonies going on throughout the Mayan land during the winter solstice, so even if the end will come, it will certainly be one hell of an experience.

Up in the mountains – Bolivia, Eastern Australia

Photo by Mathias

Some doomsday theorists sustain that there’s no better place to be on December 21, than somewhere up in the mountains. According to several theories, which assume that an eventual pole shift will occur, high regions would be much safer than the flat ones.

I’m far from being a specialist in this domain, but rumors on the Internet say the mountains of Bolivia and Eastern Australia are expected to survive the huge ocean waves that will hit the Earth, burying most of the countries in the course of this apocalyptic scenario.

This is hardly likely to happen in my opinion, but still, if my time and my budget would allow me to spend the day in question in one of these two destinations, I would do it in a blink of an eye. Both Bolivia as well as the stunning Eastern Highlands of Australia are some amazing places to experience, even if this would be the last thing you’d ever do.


Photo by NeilsPhotography

Africa is said to be one of the few places in the world that will remain entirely above the sea level if the poles will melt, so a trip to Africa can’t bring anything wrong. On the contrary, for many travelers, this can be a breath of fresh air, a one-of-a-kind adventure, that eventually will distract everyone from the so-called Mayan predictions.

However, for those who still believe in the Apocalypse, some of the best places to be on December 21 are: Algeria; the highlands of Botswana and Zambia; Congo; the high mountains of Ethiopia; Libya; Morocco; Madagascar and South Africa.

According to scientists, it ain’t gonna happen, at least not something that hasn’t already happened, so why worrying so much about it? Life is short anyway, live it at its fullest and make it count!

How would you like to spend the end of the world?