Cozy wooden stalls, traditional wool hats, delicious black pudding, classical concerts, twinkling lights, and a setting that seems designed by the Brothers Grimm – that’s only a glimpse of what you get when you step into the quaint Tallinn Christmas Market.

Tallinn Christmas Market

Mixing the cheerful Christmassy vibe with a dash of nostalgia, the charming, old-fashioned décor with a fresh powdering of snow, and the time-honored customs and traditions with a bit of contemporary glow, it’s no wonder Tallinn’s yearly Christmas fair has earned the reputation of one of the most delightful and treasured Christmas markets in Europe.

Christmas Tree in Raekoja plats

Home to the world’s first public Christmas tree (1441), the enchanting Estonian capital takes on a special magic this time of the year. Artisans from all over the country gather in the picturesque Raekoja plats (Old Town Hall Square) in order to showcase their precious handicrafts; traditional delicacies fill the brightly decorated stalls; and adorable animals cheer up the little ones from a lively mini-zoo.

Traditional Estonian delicacies

Stalls in Tallinn Christmas Market

This picture is beautifully complemented by various live performances, an outdoor ice rink, Santa’s House, and, of course, the typical twisting cobbled streets that give Tallinn Old Town such a distinctively cozy atmosphere.

Tallinna Jõuluturg

Santa’s House

A special program awaits visitors on New Year’s Eve, when the cabaret group Dance Wonderland will bring a bit of Moulin Rouge glamour to the charming Town Hall Square.

Rahvatantsurühm Kiili Keerulised

Best Christmas Market in Estonia

This year, Tallinn Christmas Market runs daily from November 18th to the 7th of January, offering visitors an excellent experience chock-full of shopping, culture, and culinary delights.

Photos via Jõuluturg

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