Cheeky’s Suitcase Stickers: Cool or Creepy?

They might be risky and controversial, but one thing is for sure – Cheeky’s Suitcase Stickers will definitely make your luggage easier to spot at the airport.

Cocaine Suitcase

A Canadian website is making the news worldwide for selling scandalous realistic-looking stickers as a form of protest against monotonous travel. Now, whether this will cause an offence to airport and immigration staff, or is just a harmless, fun, and creative way to spice up your travels, is open for debate, but one thing’s for sure – these sarcastic luggage identifiers are not for people without a sense of humor.

Cash Suitcase Sticker

Snakes Suitcase

The stickers give the illusion that your bag has been ripped open to disclose illicit contents such as cocaine, cash, snakes, or a kidnapped cabin crew. They are designed to adhere to any material and they’ll certainly make your suitcase stand out from other carousel items.

Kidnapped Stewardess

We’re not saying you won’t get strip searched at the airport, because you probably will, but that’s just part of the fun. Oh, and one more thing…Don’t expect these suitcase stickers to be as funny in Dubai as they are in, let’s say, Ibiza.

  1. In my humble opinion, the flight attendant one should get the barer banned from the flight. There is nothing funny about that. It is just blame disturbing and in poor taste.

  2. Tom Brady Tom Brady says:

    Get a sense of humor princess. It’s hilarious.

  3. Would it be funny if it was a ten year old kid? No? Is that in poor taste?

    What makes a woman less human than a child? It’s still an image of a person who has been physically overpowered, gaged and tied up against their will and stuffed into a suitcase. Like an object. Not a human.

    I’d just like to point out that muscle for muscle men and women are equal, but men have, on average twice the muscle mass of women.

    The same scenario for you is as though like two guys grabbed you, tied you up and stuffed you into a suitcase, is it still funny then?

    And it’s annoying that I have to use a scenario of a child and a man to help you visualise my point instead of you being able to emphasise with a woman as a human being who is always this afraid in her everyday life.

    Why should Emme be belittled for deciding she doesn’t like it? I don’t like it, it’s twisted and perpetuates rape culture.

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