12 Nutella-Themed Locations Around the World

Simply put, Nutella is happiness in a jar. And what better way to show off our love for the irresistible hazelnut chocolate spread than with a list of Nutella bars, shops, and cafes around the world. Watch and savor!

Nutella Café, Chicago

Ferrero’s first restaurant in the U.S., Nutella Cafe Chicago serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Michigan Avenue, in the heart of the city. And while there are plenty of tasty savory items to choose from —fresh salads, soups, artisanal sandwiches —the real stars of the menu are the irresistible Nutella desserts. Prepare for a sweet hazelnutty feast of crepes, gelato, and fluffy baked goods, served in a hip design-forward space that pays tribute to the delectable spread.

Classics aside, this permanent Nutella restaurant also serves bold, new creations such as Panzanella Fruit Salad, Mocha Shortbread Cookies, and Croissant French Toast.

Nutella Chicago

Nutella Shop in Chicago

Housed in the foodie’s mecca that is Eataly Chicago, this sweet Nutella bar serves a mouthwatering assortment of pastries filled with the famous hazelnut spread, from Crostatine alla Nutella and Saccottino con Nutella to decadent Nutella filled crepes.

Nutella-Mobile, NYC

Nutella Mobile Shop

Lined with shelves stuffed to the brim with sinful Nutella jars, Eataly NYC Nutella Bar was an excellent spot to indulge in your favorite hazelnut chocolate combo until a couple of months ago, when Eataly Vino took back its spot in the famous gourmet Italian market. Nowadays, a mobile version of the beloved Nutella bar, called Nutella-Mobile, cycles its way around Eataly NYC, selling all sorts of Nutella treats, including buttery croissants, freshly baked muffins, and scrumptious cookies – all smothered in the creamy, delicious duo.

Nut’Leiria, Portugal

Nut'Leiria, Portugal

When in Portugal, you can satisfy your cravings for Nutella in the historic town of Leiria, halfway between Porto and Lisbon. The city prides itself with the only nutella shop in Portugal – Nut’Leria – a small facility selling delicious local goods filled with Nutella. In addition to crepes and croissants, you can find tasty churros, waffles, and even kebabs packed with refrigerated chocolate and hazelnut cream.

Nuteria NY, Brooklyn

Nuteria NY

Another destination for Nutella lovers in New York City is NuteriaNY in Brooklyn’s Park Slope. An independently owned business, the tiny shoppe features a selection of creative sweet snacks drenched in Nutella, from crepes and brioches to flaky Danishes.

Nutelleria Creperie, Ios, Greece

Nutelleria Creperie

The white-washed village of Chora (Ios Island) has many surprises up its sleeve, and one of them is certainly the bite-size Nutelleria Creperie. They use an authentic recipe to create perfect crepes and serve them with different types of filling, including, of course, velvety smooth Nutella.

Nutella Shop, Ramallah

Nutella Shop, Ramallah

While there’s a high risk of travel to the West Bank, in the Palestinian territory, the lively city of Ramallah remains relatively safe for foreign tourists, and is home to a wonderful bistro devoted to Ferrero’s most famous product. Situated next to the central Al-Manara Square, Nutella Shop in Ramallah sells everything from delectable crepes, pastries, and cakes to their own Nutella Kebab.

Piazzetta Nutella, Hilton Molino Stucky Venice, Italy

Piazzetta Nutella

Part of Hilton Molino Stucky Venice, Piazzetta Nutella is where Nutella addicts can get their fix by choosing from a wide array of Nutella goodies. Their menu dazzles with temptations such as heavenly Nutella stuffed crepes and waffles, but also ingenious Nutella cocktails and ice creams. Even their cheesecake and tiramisu are made with the rich cocoa and hazelnut spread.

Nutella Kiosks, Sao Paulo

Nutella Kiosk

The famous Italian manufacturer couldn’t find a better location to launch their official kiosks than Sao Paulo, Brazil’s foodie paradise. The brand has already opened a couple of Nutella stands in the city’s shopping centers, including the International Shopping Guarulhos and Top Center on the buzzing Paulista Avenue. Expect fresh crepes, croissants, and brioches – all of them spread, filled, or topped with delicious Nutella.

NUTS I 10 Peccati di Gola, Syracuse, Italy

NUTS I 10 Peccati di Gola

Combing their deep commitment to the pastry craft with the distinctive nutty-chocolate taste of Ferrero’s Nutella, NUTS I 10 Peccati di Gola offers a delightful range of artisanal gelato along with finger-licking Nutella specialties. Also known as Nuts Nutelleria, this pastry and ice cream shop is situated on the small island of Ortygia, in the old town of Syracuse, Sicily. Among others, their menu includes crepes with Nutella ice cream, Nutella frappes, and homemade Nutella cakes.

Nutella Café at Sobey’s Spadina, Toronto

Nutella Cafe, Toronto
Photo via Twitter

The newest addition to Toronto’s vibrant food scene, Nutella Cafe is located at 22 Fort York Boulevard, inside the Spadina Sobeys Urban Fresh store. Featuring a crepe station and a handful of small tables, the cafe serves up a variety of Nutella filled treats, from crepes and croissants to danishes and artisan breads. This is the first Nutella Cafe in Canada and stays open from 7 AM to 9 PM daily.

Nuts-About-Tella, Melbourne

Donut burger with Nutella

Nuts-About-Tella, Melbourne’s most delicious pop-up bar and dessert pizzeria, serves heavenly Nutella creations inspired by Italian Renaissance Art. Starring on the menu are masterpieces such as The Mona Lisa pizza, topped with Nutella, strawberries, and icing sugar, or The Last Supper – with Reese’s peanut butter, banana, raspberries, and organic coconut sugar. Their Donut Nutella Burger is also a big hit.

Update: Some of these shops changed their names, while others no longer exist!

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    Stuart Finnegan

    1. Hello Stuart.. have you talked to the company? What was their reply?

      1. Thanks for the tip! I’ve just updated the article with the new location you mentioned.

    2. hello i want know if you have opened your nutella bar? thanks for your reply

  2. Hi Stuart! I am sorry, but I don’t have this information. I think you should check first with Nutella if you want to open a store. See if they agree with your proposal. If you do open a store, let me know, I would love to have it featured here.

  3. Hi Stuart Finnegan,

    I wanted to try something similar. Did you find out more about who to approach and how to go about starting a nutella store.
    Do let me know.


  4. Hello!

    I am employed with Ferrero. We currently do not have a franchise model to offer up stand alone restaurants. The locations in the above mentioned article are company owned and operated. That being said if you are a restaurant owner/operator we can look at branded opportunities using Nutella in your creative ideas. The company does have guidelines for usages and would be happy to explore opportunities with those parties interested.

    1. Carlos Garcia Carlos Garcia says:

      Hello Aaron, I have some ideas in Central America.. But I don’t know who I can talk to…

    2. Leah Kamere Leah Kamere says:

      Hi Aaron, if I wanted to start one in Ireland, where would I get the permissions to operate the brand?

    3. Farah Sanchez Farah Sanchez says:

      Hi Aaron,

      I know there’s a Nutella kiosque in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I’m also interested to open something like that and I don’t know where to go and whom to speak with about that. It looks like a franchise and I would like to know where to go and get some contacts. If you could tell something about it would be appreciated. I looked into Nutella’s web page but I couldn’t find anything. Thank you.

    4. Adrian Alvarez Adrian Alvarez says:

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      I am very interested to open a Nutella bar concept where I live and would like to know about possible branded options and company guidelines. Thanks.

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      Irene Lev
      Nuteholic, fan and entrepenour

    6. Hello Aaron,

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      Can you please give me some feedback as to who I need to speak to and/or the procedure involved in doing this.


      1. Hello Sandro,

        Is there any chance you have opened up a Nutella Cafe in Southwest Florida yet?

        Best wishes,

    7. Arzu Aliyeva Arzu Aliyeva says:

      I would like to open a nutella cafe in Turkey, Istanbul and Izmir
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      I was interested to know if you could advise me on my capstone project at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

      My name is Nicolle Centrella, I am an 8th-semester student in the Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design program and will graduate in May.
      Each student in my class is working on an individual project that will culminate in a group exhibition at the end of the semester.

      I am focusing on designing a Nutella brand experience onboard a Cruise Line. I want to create a culinary experience for guests to experiment with Nutella flavored foods in a vacation environment.  At this juncture, it would be helpful for me to speak to someone from Nutella to gain more insight on my project.

      This may involve a few emails, a telephone conversation, sharing some resources to help point me in the right direction.

      Thank you so much, I appreciate your time and assistance. I’m excited to hear back from you.

    9. Hello Aaron
      It would be very nice to hear back from you to discuss some of our ideas.

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    I’m from Germany/Berlin. I would like to open a store like this too. Did anyone get a answer to their questions, what we have to do to open a nutella Store ??


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  8. I would like to open a similar cafe using the nutella brand, how do i go about using the name for my business venture.. Please help if anyone has any information. Thank you


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    I am owner of 2 restaurants in the United States and I would like to open a Nutella brand cafe, I would like to know where to go or with whom I could talk to contact me and talk about it. If you could give me some information about it I would appreciate it very much. Thank you.

  10. I really love the idea of Nutella cafes such as the one in Italy & Toronto. Anyone have any idea who can I contact with to open a Nutella cafe franchise in Malaysia?

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    I am very keen on opening a Nutella cafe/bar in India. Does anyone out here have any idea how do I go about this? Is a franchisee required to start a cafe (with a different name) and feature Nutella products ? I was looking of something similar to the Nutella cafe in Toronto.

    Please advise.

  12. Hello,

    My name is Kaan, i am owner of a restaurant/lounge in Belgium and i am very keen on opening a Nutella bar here in belgium’s city’s like Antwerpen or Leuven. I would like to know if there is an opportunity for francise or other kind of possibility to open it.

    If there is anyone who would like to give some advise, i would love to hear from you!

    Thank you

  13. Hi, Aaron,
    I am from Kurdistan, I have a fast-food and ice-cream shop and now I am interesting to opening the Nutella bar in our capital city, could you please your support to get this opportunity for franchise or other way to starting this business.


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  15. Hi there, Is it true that the Nutella place (NuteriaNYC) is permanently closed? I am going to New York in April and I wanted to possibly visit this place along with other eateries.

    1. Hi Maria,

      Well, if the official website says so, I guess it is then.

  16. Hi
    I’m thinking to take the a franshisee for the Nutella bar in Canada, Ontario after I visited the store in NY city
    It’s amazing store and I would love to be one of the franshisee in out of USA.
    Please send me email with the details and with how can I contact
    Thank you and have a wonderful day

  17. Yasser Youssef Yasser Youssef says:

    How come no one is answering all those requests?????

  18. I don’t think everyone understood Aaron. Ferrero, the owner of the Nutella brand does not franchise. You cannot just open up a Nutella branded store. You can open a cafe and use Nutella products, but that’s about it. The stores featured in this article are actually owned and run by Ferrero, not individuals.

  19. martin rogers martin rogers says:

    So, i have spoken to Nutella and they tell me…there are no such places as Nutellarias !!! They say all are illegal and not allowed to use Nutellas name !! this leaves me very confused .

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