A Kinetic Steampunk Bar Unique in the World

Situated in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Enigma-The Machine is much more than just a café, is a design marvel with a focus on steampunk culture and kinetic energy.

Enigma Cafe, Cluj

Envisioned by Romanian design studio 6th Sense Interiors, Enigma café invites guests to travel back and forth in time through a series of intricate kinetic elements that move and unfold in some sort of hypnotizing motion.

Kinetic Sculptures

Bird Mechanism

Kinetic Steampunk Bar

Robot Slave

The concept centers around time travel and incorporates a sequence of symbols such as an elaborate giant clock on the wall illustrating the universe, a bird mechanism moving on the ceiling in an attempt to break free from all time constraints, a time machine built in the shape of an elevator, and a robot embodying a time slave who pedals his life away, producing time, energy, and even life.

All these fantastic kinetic sculptures that decorate the unique Enigma Café lend a sense of fluidity and movement to the design, which is in fact a narrative about the mystery of man and time.

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