Europe’s Coolest Ice Bars

Fantastic ice sculptures, sexy vodka cocktails, and Siberian-like temperatures – the ice bars in Europe take “chill” to a whole new level. From London to Barcelona, here are 7 cool drinking establishments where everything is made of glittering ice.


Housed in Stockholm’s Nordic C Hotel, ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL is the first permanent ice bar in the world. Part lounge, part art gallery, the impressive venue features a stunning new design each year. The current theme is inspired by Swedish novel “The Wonderful Adventures of Nils” by Selma Lagerlöf. The interior is made entirely of ice brought here from the Torne River in northern Sweden, and the entrance fee includes a drink and plenty of fantastic sculptures to admire.


Ice Bar Prague

Situated in the heart of the Czech capital, inside the largest nightclub in central Europe, ICEPUB PRAGUE invites visitors to sip delicious vodka cocktails at a temperature of -7 °C. Inside, everything from the décor to your glass is made of ice, so it comes as no surprise that every customer receives a thermal jacket and gloves at the bar’s entrance.


Ice Bar London

As soon as you enter the ICEBAR LONDON you will find yourself surrounded by ice walls, ice furniture, and majestic ice sculptures. Situated on Heddon Street, the stylish locale made of crystal clear river ice from Sweden changes its appearance once a year, courtesy of a team of skilled ice designers and sculptors. During their 40-minute experience inside the ice bar, visitors are provided with designer capes and gloves to keep them warm while enjoying sophisticated cocktails. A gift shop and a lovely restaurant serving modern British cuisine are also on-site.

Icebar Xtracold, Amsterdam

XtraCcold Icebar
Photo by Mariëlle

With its creative icy interiors, colorful LED-lighting, and unique 4D Ice Xperience, Amsterdam’s Xtracold Icebar is an adventure from start to finish. 35 tons of natural ice have been used to create this fascinating, frosty space where drinks are served in glasses carved out of ice in a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius. Every 6 months, the décor and beautiful ice art on display are redesigned to create a completely new experience. Adjacent to the ice bar, you’ll find a nice lounge where you can warm up with music and cocktails.


Ice Bar in Barcelona

The world’s first beach ice bar, Icebarcelona is a truly one-of-a-kind experience, offering visitors the chance to go from glorious Mediterranean sunshine to a frozen world in a matter of minutes. Designed by famous ice artists, the striking lounge boasts mesmerizing interiors carved out of ice and renewed every so often. Additionally, there’s a sleek outdoor terrace where you can bask in the sun and enjoy the warm sea breeze whilst sipping your favorite concoction.

Ice Kube Bar, Paris

Ice Kube Bar, Paris
Photo by Alexandre Paepegaey

Situated on the first floor of the hip Kube Hotel in Paris, Ice Kube Bar comes with surreal interiors by Michel Amann, the world champion in ice-carving. The experience is limited to around 30 minutes and includes everything from spectacular ice artwork and cutting-edge lighting effects to tasty vodka-based drinks, excellent music, and Siberian-like temperatures. The ice bar’s atmosphere is as hip and stylish as its exclusive clientele.

Ice Club, Rome

Ice Club Rome

Conveniently located near the Colosseum in Rome, Ice Club Roma is the perfect spot to cool off after taking in the sights and sounds of Italy’s monumental capital. Everything in the bar is made of pure ice from England and the temperature is maintained at -5º C. Guests are welcomed with scrumptious vodka-based cocktails, plush white furs, and synchronized sounds and lights.