Homeless Nights in Gothenburg

To begin with, Faktum Hotels is unlike any other hotel you’ve ever stayed at, a mix of rough street accommodation and charity project – no proper beds, no bathrooms, no roof over your head.


An initiative of Gothenburg’s street newspaper Faktum in collaboration with ad agency Forsman & Bodenfors, the unique hotel allows guests to experience the darker side of Sweden’s second largest city by sleeping among the homeless.


For a few euros per night, you can book a “room” under the stars in the most unpromising urban locations, from a chilly park and a spot underneath a football stadium to a filthy toilet in a former paper mill. There are 10 such lodgings available and their amenities include nothing more than a grungy sleeping bag, a dirty blanket, or a depressing park bench covered in old newspapers.

Former Paper Mill

Sleep Under the Stadium

The Park at Haga

The truth is not everyone visiting Gothenburg might be intrigued by the opportunity of sleeping and experiencing the city like a homeless person, but there’s a bright side, too. All money raised by Faktum Hotels is used to help people who live on the streets and to spread awareness on homelessness in a city with 3,400 people with no place to sleep.

Photos by Håkan Ludwigson