10 Books Every Design Lover Should Have

Whether you’re interested in home decor, contemporary rooftop architecture, or ingenious plant styling, there’s something for any design lover in the collection below.

Packed with dazzling photography and fresh design ideas, these books fascinate and inspire, while also making a style statement on your coffee table. Explore original hotels interiors, learn how to build your own cabin in the woods, feast your eyes on striking decors that range from industrial chic to Scandinavian minimalism, and discover the hidden treasures behind the facades of Europe’s glorious cities.

Here are 10 books every design lover should have, no matter their style preferences:

Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants

Urban Jungle book

Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants takes readers on an inspiring journey through five wonderful green homes across Europe, providing tons of DIY tips, striking photography, and plant styling ideas along the way. Much more than just a source of inspiration, the book is a useful guide designed to help anyone who wants to incorporate more greenery into their lives and homes.

Cabin Porn: Inspiration for Your Quiet Place Somewhere

Cabin Porn book

Whether you’re looking for inspiration to build your own hideaway in the woods or just like drooling over swoon-worthy abodes, Cabin Porn: Inspiration for Your Quiet Place Somewhere is sure to find a place on your coffee table, and in your heart.

Based on the famous Tumblr blog with the same name (by Vimeo co-founder Zach Klein), the book is brimming with moving stories, useful tips, and gorgeous photos of handmade forest dwellings, from the USA to France.

The Design Hotels™ Book

The Design Hotels Book

Showcasing 283 select properties from their exclusive portfolio, along with stunning photographs of their superb architecture and interiors, The Design Hotels™ Book is a must for any traveler and design lover out there. The hardcover also includes inspiring behind-the-scenes stories of the hoteliers who envisioned them, as well as 10 feature designers who are pioneers in the field nowadays.

Living in Style Amsterdam

Living in Style Amsterdam

Travel and design blend seamlessly in the pages of Living in Style Amsterdam. Edited by MENDO, the photobook is a captivating visual guide through the Dutch capital’s most eye-catching addresses, from stylish hotels and majestic canal-side houses to creative restaurants and one-of-a-kind concept stores.

Rooftops: Islands in the Sky

Rooftops: Islands in the Sky

Rooftops: Islands in the Sky celebrates modern, urban rooftop design with a fabulous collection of bars, restaurants, gardens, and art installations perched high above cities across the world.

From Marina Bay Sands’ spectacular Skypark in Singapore to a vertical forest in Milan, this publication from Taschen charms with its dazzling photography, while also honoring some of the most influential architects and landscape designers in the industry.

Rock the Shack: The Architecture of Cabins, Cocoons and Hide-Outs

Rock the Shack: The Architecture of Cabins, Cocoons and Hide-Outs

When life in the city becomes unbearable, Rock the Shack: The Architecture of Cabins, Cocoons and Hide-Outs is a convenient way to escape. Published in 2013 by Gestalten, the book is filled with contemporary retreats tucked away in quiet, remote places around the world, including a quirky beach hut in New Zealand, a striking mountain refuge in the Catalan Pyrenees, and a cozy Japanese wooden home near Tokyo.

Black and White (and a bit in between): Timeless Interiors, Dramatic Accents and Stylish Collections

Book by Celerie Kemble

In her vividly illustrated book, NYC-based interior designer Celerie Kemble pays homage to black and white decor with over 100 uniquely styled spaces, all sharing the same classic, versatile color palette.

As well as featuring splendid black & white works of acclaimed interior designers, Black and White (and a bit in between): Timeless Interiors, Dramatic Accents and Stylish Collections is also packed with expert advice on what paints, patterns, and accessories to use for the perfect results.

Scandinavia Dreaming: Nordic Homes, Interiors & Design

If you are not already a fan of Nordic design, Scandinavia Dreaming will make you one. The book explores the area’s architectural principles and skilled craftsmanship through a collection of marvelous interiors, projects, and materials that highlight the disarming simplicity of contemporary Nordic spaces, their sleek, warm aesthetics, and deep relationship with nature and tradition.

Entryways of Milan – Ingressi di Milano

Entryways of Milan

A captivating photographic tour of Milan’s splendid entryways, this architectural book by Karl Kolbitz and Taschen covers residential buildings from 1920 to 1970, highlighting their unique design and peculiar decor elements.

Documenting more than 140 of the city’s most remarkable entrance halls, Entryways of Milan – Ingressi di Milano is both a tribute brought to Italian modernism, as well as a practical architectural city guide for visitors in the design capital of the world.

Urban Pioneer: Interiors Inspired by Industrial Design

Industrial design book

In her eye-catching book, London-based interior stylist and writer Sara Emslie explores the practice of transforming former warehouses, factories, and other non-residential spaces in cities around the world into fabulous, innovative homes. Aptly named Urban Pioneer: Interiors Inspired by Industrial Design, the volume is beautifully photographed and packed with industrial design inspiration.