Running across a picturesque archipelago in Norway, the Atlantic Road (Atlantic Ocean Road) is one of the world’s most scenic highways. Part of the Country Road 64, which connects the island of Averøy with the mainland of Eide, the spectacular street starts in Kristiansund, in the Western Fjords and ends in the north of Molde. It carries the visitors from an island to another, along 8 km, providing them with outstanding views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Norway Atlantic Road
Photo by Marino Olivieri

Everything started in the early 20th century, when the Norwegians planned to build a railway to connect the coastal towns in the area, but the project was abandoned. Thus, the construction of the road started in 1970, but due to the high costs (122 million Norwegian krone) and the unfavorable weather (12 hurricanes have prevented the proper development), it hasn’t been finished since the summer of 1989.

In 2005, however, the Atlantic Road won the title of the “Norwegian Construction of the Century”, and by the year of 2009 it became one of the most visited tourist attractions in Norway. When the British newspaper The Guardian declared it “The world’s best road trip” (2006), the route grew in popularity and became a famous spot to film auto advertisements.

Nowadays, the scenic Atlantic Road is a wonderful experience claimed by more and more tourists in Norway. There are four panoramic view points along the route, where visitors can stop by to rest and soak up the beautiful scenery rich in bird life and images that take your breath away.

Other attractions along the way include: the beautiful bridges, especially the soaring Storseisundet Bridge; the dramatic fjords; the lovely Kvernes Stave Church; The Bremsnes Cave (the largest cave in Norway); the old Kvernes Rural Museum; the Derinngarden cheese farm; and the quaint island of Håholmen, where travelers can learn about the Vikings’ history. Moreover, the Atlantic Ocean Road is dotted with excellent eateries serving fresh seafood, as well as charming fishing villages and cozy cabins for those who want to accommodate and spend some time here in order to explore the wonderful surroundings.

The most common activities available around the gorgeous Atlantic Road are fishing, bird watching, diving, biking, wind-surfing and occasionally even whales and seals spotting. During the fall, the road is crushed by frequent furious storms, but many seem to enjoy it, making it an adventure in itself.

The video represents  a Promotional Tourism film for the Kristiansund & Nordmøre region in Fjord Norway, by Roar Harsvik.

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