What’s Hot This Summer: Thematic Travel

It’s no surprise that today’s stereotypical traveler has already crossed the boundaries of what travel was meant to be a few years ago. There’s no doubt it has been drawn a clear line between travel and holiday, first of them becoming for many a way of living, an escape from an ordinary unsatisfying life, a way to quench the thirst for knowledge and first-hand experiences.

Thematic Travel
Photo by Jonas Foyn Therkelsen

Whether it’s about culture, history, music, shopping, wine, cuisine, hiking or rural travel, the market provides a never-ending variety of themes to choose from when planning to travel, making it easier for explorers to pick up destinations that perfectly match their purposes. That’s how particular places have begun to be related to certain activities, giving rise to the notion of thematic travel.

We all know that Bali is one of the most spiritual destinations alongside India, that Europe honors any traveler’s taste in terms of culture and history, that places like Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Ibiza are a magnet for party seekers while religious travel includes mystical or sacred destinations such as Jerusalem and Vatican. Moreover, shopping aficionados often cross the globe to satisfy their cravings in Europe’s most famous capitals – romantic Paris, funky London, royal Madrid, eternal Rome and of course, Milan – the world’s fashion capital.

As a conclusion, thematic travel is on the rise, experiencing a flourishing development these days, so why not pick up a theme with a difference this summer and take it to the extreme. You can choose from a wide range of subjects, from classic ones to quirky topics such as: movies, medieval sites, fishing, Spanish villages, Scotland’s whisky distilleries, neon nightlife, cultural cafes, football, clubbing or simply tailor one just for yourself.

What travel theme would you choose for your next vacation?