Guess what’s hot this summer besides long freezing mouth-watering cocktails. Well, as I always say, if you drink anyway, at least do it with style, so why not trying to look a bit more sophisticated with a sip of history alongside your favorite ingredients?

There are plenty of varieties to choose from out there, and besides, we live in an era in which bartenders are more inventive and trained than ever. Let’s take advantage of that and try to think beyond beer, at least for a while.

cocktail bottles

Everyone knows that artists, especially the most talented ones have always tried to revive their inspiration by turning to all kinds of eccentric methods, and one particular jugglery was the alcohol.

While the mysterious Absinthe, very well-known for its psychoactive effects was undoubtedly the artistic 19th century’s favorite drink, there were also many other magic potions that have inspired writers, painters and even movie makers along the decades.

Not as popular as the Green Fairy, which still sparkles inside Degas and Picasso’s greatest paintings, as well as Oscar Wilde, Hemingway, Guy de Maupassant or Baudelaire’s literary creations, Hemingway’s Mojito, Fitzgerald’s Mint Julep or Poirot’s Crème de menthe are also a good choice for a lazy afternoon on the beach. Boasting a refreshing mint flavor and a pleasant after-taste, each one of them can perfectly match a hot summer.

If mint is not really your style, you can always opt for a chilly lemon-based Great Gatsby, The Big Lebowski’s White Russian, a fashionable “Sex and the City” Cosmo or a James Bond’s Vesper Martini, “Shaken not stirred, please!”.

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