How to Travel to the Edge of Space

Arizona-based company World View Enterprises, Inc. takes travel to new heights with their state-of-the-art balloon spaceflight system, which transports passengers more than 100,000 feet within the layers of the atmosphere. The experience promises to be one-of-a-kind, allowing travelers to gently float along the frontier of space for a couple of hours and enjoy spectacular views of the Earth.

Earth curvature

How to Travel to the Edge of Space

Attached to a 400,000 cubic meter helium balloon, the pressurized capsule where the attendees will spend the ride (which lasts five to six hours) is stylish and smartly appointed to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

Voyager Capsule

Space Travel Experience

According to the official website, this life-changing journey will offer Voyagers the unique opportunity to experience “the unexpected emotional reaction and unparalleled perspective-shift that comes from seeing our planet suspended in space”, something that experts call the Overview Effect.

The edge of space

For such an experience space enthusiasts will have to pay $75,000 USD, including a $7,500 USD non-refundable reservation fee.