Picnics, Oldies But Goldies

In an age of technology and artificial stuff, when we are all surrounded by computers and other forms of artificial intelligence, the simplicity and the naturalness of a picnic could almost seem harshly or inadequate, which by the way, is wrong and sad.

Picnics are a truly delight and a welcoming change in the way we use to spend our time today, especially for those of us living in a bustling city, where a Starbucks coffee and a fast-food launch seems a relaxing and even entertaining way to spend some time outside. I wonder where are those times when picnics were the most popular manner of spending the long warm days of summer?

Picnic with a view
Picnic with a View

Well, I think it’s time for us to go back and contemplate a bit about the simple things that made us happy once, so easily and so definitely. And picnics are absolutely one of the most common activities of our childhood’s summers.

Then, when you think how many possibilities are out there to launch a picnic, how many beautiful places, parks, rooftops, beaches as well as other original venues to choose from, isn’t it a shame not to take advantage of them?

I think we all agree that picnics don’t require a special occasion, a large budget, a formal outfit or a pretentious menu; they only involve some food that you need to eat anyway, a blanket, a good attitude and maybe a couple of companions. So instead of sitting again at the same boring eating table, pack it up and take it outside! It will be fun, and besides, you can call some friends or family members and you can even start a party.

As far as I know, summer is still the season of outdoor activities whether you are a business man or a family with kids, young or old, rich or poor, so don’t let your time pass in vain, make it count, be spontaneous and creative, get out of your daily routine, spend some time outside, enjoy the nature, go out for a picnic! It will be fun and refreshing, and we all deserve it!