Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and one of the weirdest and most beautiful cities in Europe – definitely not something that the old continent has accustomed us with.

Although it houses more than a half of the country’s population, Reykjavik, located on the island’s south coast, is rather small for a capital, but still one of the safest, prettiest and greenest cities in the world.

Beautiful Reykjavik
Photo by Daniel2005

Endowed with a striking natural beauty, a pure energy and a charm that rises from its pelicular contrasts, Reykjavik welcomes visitors with a surprising, almost shocking mixture of metropolitan fervor and sweet hamlet innocence.

The typical colorful Scandinavian houses in Grjotathorpid (Rock Village), the snow-topped mountains on the background, the excellent ranges of national parks, world-class restaurants, geothermal pools, ultra-modern bars, fine museums, art galleries and winter scenes straight out of a fairytale, make from Reykjavik a truly rare and unique place with all the advantages of a big city and no drawbacks.

The quality of life here, the optimism and creativity of the locals, as well as the 22 hours of sunlight that can be enjoyed here in a summer day, and the amazing Northern Lights, are just a few aspects that make from Reykjavik a distinctive city.

The beautiful capital of Iceland is also famous all over the world for its amazing nightlife. From cozy elegant cafes to wild pubs and stylish night clubs, both residents and travelers are spoilt with an excellent choice of party venues.

All in all, this world’s most northerly capital with its incredible source of energy, idyllic appearance, bountiful cultural scene and plenty of shopping and entertainment opportunities is a great year-round destination with something for everyone.

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