Today’s edition of What’s Hot This Summer hails from Berlin, the city of fusion, culture and underground art. Easily becoming the name of Berlin’s latest craze, “Die Pappbrille” has started to make wave after wave in the entire Europe, as one of the hottest summer’s accessories.

Created by Cantemir Gheorghiu, a Romanian graphic designer living in Berlin, the paper glasses can be seen anywhere, from the city’s back streets to the stadiums, famous events, concerts, parties and groovy clubs, as a cutting-edge trend perfecting and adding a jazzy touch to any casual look.

Pappbrille Paper Glasses
Photo courtesy Pappbrille

The story began in a bar with a lady, like most of the good ones, only this time, something brilliant came out of this. An electronic background, a budding designer with fresh perspectives and a creative young man wearing a pair of paper glasses while drinking a cocktail – everything that was needed for the miracle to happen. Impressed by his glasses, the lady offered to pay for his cocktail and so the idea began to take shape, developing into a successful business.

Created out of a joke and with a sweet 60’s flair, the quirky glasses made of cardboard are now available in dozens of shapes and colors. After conquering Berlin and then the entire Germany, the paper glasses embarked on a journey through Europe and who knows how high they will climb.

So, either you’re having a good day or a bad one, a lack of inspiration or a reason to party, Pappbrille will definitely make your day. Moreover, who would ever believed that the ultimate party outfit will be so fun, fashionable, original, inexpensive, handy and very easy to wear? What are you waiting for?

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