I am so happy today! I’ve just had my first interview. Maybe it’s not such a big deal, but for me is pretty important, and considering that only a few months have past since I’ve made my first account on a social network and launched my blog, this interview proves me that my work was not in vain.

curtain and microphone

Everything started a few days ago when someone contacted me on Twitter, asking if I would like to give an interview about my favorite beach. At first I was a little suspicious and very surprised that someone was interested in me, so I started asking questions. I found out that the interview was for iwantsun.co.uk and I felt proud that they picked me. What can I say, being in the spotlight is not such a bad thing as I used to believe.

As a freelance writer, I know that there’s nothing more important than exposure. I currently work with some excellent editors and I owe them all my gratitude as well as most of my achievements.

Being a freelancer is not easy and it requires a lot of courage and many other skills, as I’ve already said in First 3 Steps as a Freelance Writer. You always have to improve your skills, learn as much as you can, constantly update your blog, always provide quality content, never stop looking for websites to guest post or making useful connections, but when you like your job as much as I do, writing becomes a way of life, a life where the appreciation of others and the little rewards give you an enormous satisfaction and the strength to overcome any other gap of your existence.

This interview came as a fresh summer breeze, a sweet pleasure, a bit of prize for my work.

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