Malta Segway Tours – An Exciting Way of Discovering Malta

Overflowing with dazzling landscapes, culture and ancient history, it’s no surprise Malta is often described as a huge outdoor museum. Nestled between Italy and the north African coast, in the glittering waters of the Mediterranean Sea, this alluring sun-drenched destination certainly has something for everyone: balmy days for the explorer, vibrant nights for the partygoer, blue clear waters for the sport enthusiast and a surprisingly varied cuisine to satisfy any foodie out there.

For those in search of a quirky experience, however, we recommend you the Malta Segways Tours – It’s fun, informative and often develops into one hell of an adventure.

Malta Segway Tour
Segway Tour in Malta

Far from being the conventional tourist guide, Malta Segways Tours is a wonderful way to discover the charms of Malta, from the rich cultural background of its bustling capital city, to the hidden gems of the picturesque Dingli. The jaunt combines sightseeing with the genuine experience of riding one of the most groundbreaking machines in the world – The Segway.

Currently, Malta Segway Tours offers four entertaining tours and a series of exciting team building events and activities:

Dingli Funtastic – An enjoyable family-friendly tour of Dingli that allows anyone over 12 years old to explore this idyllic village in Malta’s highest area, on a Segway.

Dingli Adventure Tour – Focusing on culture, history and Dingli’s unspoilt yet stunning natural beauty, the daily Dingli Adventure Tour carries the visitors through some of the island’s most famous sights. Highlights include the beautiful Boschetto Gardens, the nearby Palazzo Verdala, the mysterious prehistoric site of Clapham Junction, the Palazzo Girgenti, the emblematic Laferla Cross, the Magdalena Chapel, the isle of Filfla and of course, the tremendous Dingli Cliffs.

Valletta Tour – With Valletta Tour you can discover Malta’s glorious capital, learn about its finest museums, marvel at the eye-catching architecture of its palaces, and soak-up the vibe of its delightful streets and marketplaces. To wrap this up, Valletta Tour is an interesting mix of culture, fun and adventure. Getting inside the museums is not part of the tour, but even so, the trip is an indisputable way to enjoy the city in only two hours.

Treasure Hunts on Segways in Dingli and Buskett – This is Malta Segway Tours’s newest addition and promises to be quite an experience. The action takes place in some of the most scenic surroundings of Dingli, Buskett and Dingli Cliffs and consists of – what else – a real treasure hunt.

For prices, details and further information about the tours, the destinations and the passionate team behind Malta Segway Tours, please visit the official website listed above.