Don’t know what to buy the oenophile in your life this holiday season? Whether it’s an interesting bottle accessory, a reference book, or a state-of-the-art cooling gadget, these brilliant gifts for wine lovers will make them feel special while also enhancing their imbibing experience.

Clever Wine Stopper

A Date with Wine Stopper

This holiday season, impress the grape nut on your shopping list with a clever wine gizmo that helps him/her keep track of when a bottle was opened.

Made from a food-grade stainless steel and silicone, A Date with Wine from Le Mouton Noir is a universal wine stopper complete with three twistable date rings for recording the month and day the wine was opened.

Corvi Wine Cooler

Concrete wine cooler

Part wine cooler, part modern piece of art, this intriguing product makes a sophisticated gift for the bon vivant who has everything.

Handcrafted from thin, lightweight concrete, the Corvi Wine Cooler maintains the bottle cold long after it’s out of the fridge, while also providing a stylish, eco-friendly way to store your vintage.

Its faceted geometric design allows you to combine several containers in order to create a unique, personalized wine rack.

Wine Condoms

Wine condom

Fun, practical, and unique, Wine Condoms are sure to delight any wine aficionado out there. These small rubber devices act like wine bottle stoppers, protecting and preserving the flavor of your pour. Just roll them over the neck of an open bottle, and your vino will stay fresh until you’re ready for another glass.

Nautical Style Wine Tote

Nautical wine tote

With room for two bottles, this fashionable wine tote from Cathy’s Concepts is a practical accessory for those who often go out on summer brunches and picnics. Its top handles and adjustable strap allow for comfortable carrying, while the interior divider prevents jostling.

Wine Cooler and Aerator

Wine aerator

Not only is Corkcicle Air a perfect gift for wine lovers, but also a wonderful tool for your arsenal. The innovative device keeps the wine chilled and aerated, and comes with an intelligent pour-through feature for easy serving.

The Essential Guide to Wine

Best wine book

Packed with nifty infographics and practical tips, Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine is a treasure trove for vino enthusiasts. From amateurs to connoisseurs, everyone will be seduced by this colorful coffee table book that introduces readers into the wonderful world of wine.

Portable Wine Glass

Portable wine glass

Any grape lover in your life will appreciate receiving the Vino2Go, an insulated travel cup they can take on the beach, at music festivals, or pool parties. Designed for classy drinking on the go, this portable wine glass comes with a spill-proof sippable lid and double wall for extra insulation.

World’s First Oak Bottle

Aging bottle

An ideal present for wine collectors, The Oak Bottle promises to transform any average red into a glorious vintage in just 2 hours. This means that you don’t just buy them an interesting wine accessory; you buy them time.

Handcrafted from high-quality American white oak, this revolutionary aging vessel adds a sophisticated flavor to any drink, be it wine, beer, or whiskey.

Stylish Decanter & Wine Glasses Set

Decanter and wine glasses set

Perfect for the sophisticated wine drinker with refined tastes, Tom Dixon’s Tank Decanter Set includes a beautiful one-liter decanter and two 200ml wine goblets. Handmade in gradations of black and clear mouth-blown glass, this glassware collection brings an elegant touch to any home’s tabletop.

3-in-1 Wine Bottle Cooler Stick

Wine cooler stick

Though a great alternative to ice cubes, Wine Chiller is much more than just a wine bottle cooler stick. The slick stainless steel device also works as a pourer and aerator, allowing the wine to breathe and enhancing its flavor. A must-have wine accessory for day to day use!

The Ultimate Wine System

Best wine gadget

The ultimate wine gadget, Coravin’s groundbreaking system lets you pour a glass of wine without removing the cork.

Smarter and faster than its predecessor – a product that has already revolutionized the wine industry, the company’s Model Two uses the same medical grade needle to pressurize the bottle and pour the desired amount of wine without compromising the preservation process.

Additionally, its updated design makes the experience even better, thanks to the new capsule cup load technology that ensures a tighter seal between the device and the gas capsule, and a thinner wall needle, able to pour wine 20% faster than the original. Ideal for wine cellars, bars, and restaurants, but also as a thoughtful present for that special friend of yours who takes its wine tasting really seriously.

Smartest Wine Opener

Smart wine opener

Whether you’re shopping for a true wine connoisseur or a casual sipper, you can’t go wrong with Apero, the first wine opener to use nitrous oxide in order to uncork bottles. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, this state-of-the-art gadget promises the fastest, cleanest, and most efficient wine opening experience. Plus, it comes in a sleek limited edition storage gift box, ready to be placed under the Christmas tree!

Artisan Waiter Corkscrew

Artisan waiter corkscrew

Nothing says oenophile like a gorgeous artisan waiter corkscrew. Make your favorite wino happy with a luxurious Jean Dubost wine opener that blends practicality with fine French craftsmanship. Made of high-grade, rust-resistant stainless steel and accessorized with a stylish ivory acrylic handle, this tool is designed to last.

Colorful Wine Dispenser Purse

Wine dispenser purse

Your wine loving girlfriend will go crazy for the colorful Kali Swankey Beverage Tote. Thanks to its clever design, with a separate bottom chamber, this chic and functional wine dispenser purse will keep your libation (up to 5 liters) chilled for hours while also accommodating all the essentials you need for a day out in the park (or at the beach).

Needless to say, its especially made spout makes it easy to pour yourself a glass straight from the bag – anytime, anywhere.

Blue Wine

Blue wine gift

Rather than buying the oenophile on your list yet another bottle of red or white this year, why not surprise him with a bright blue wine? Produced in Castilla y León, Spain, this unusual Chardonnay takes its exclusive hue from anthocyanin, a color pigment extracted naturally from the grapes skin. Otherwise, it tastes like a fresh, aromatic white wine and goes perfectly well with fish and semi-cured cheese.