Chicago, the city of many nicknames such as “Windy City” or “Chi-Town”, is the largest metropolis in the state of Illinois and the third most populated city in the United States, after New York City and Los Angeles. Founded in 1837, the city has experienced an amazing development, becoming today a startling center of art and culture, and one of the most important hubs of commerce and trade in the world.

Chicago downtown
Photo by Eric Lanning

A city rose from the ashes

Ironically, Chicago’s thriving evolution began after the Great Chicago Fire, a conflagration that devastated a large part of the city in 1871. The refurbish period endowed Chicago with the world’s first modern skyscraper- Home Insurance Building (1884), a trend which later spread across the globe. Nowadays, the American city prides itself with an eye-catching architecture and one of the most stunning skylines in the world.

Chicago architecture
Chicago architecture

When it comes to culture and architecture, people usually think of Europe, with its charming, old-fashioned cities, impressive facades, plazas, and mazes of narrow alleys, and they tend to take too lightly the gems of the United States.

Chicago is the kind of place where the American architectural beauty can be seen and admired in its entire splendor, where the breathtaking steel giants rise high above the city without eclipsing the variety of architectural styles on the ground or the iconic terracotta structures adorning the street corners, and where the waterfront, the abundance of parks, and the wide open streets reflect the past and the present of an entire nation.

Chicago skyline
Chicago skyline

A walk around Chicago is an epic journey through the city’s flamboyant eras. You’ll be equally delighted by the “gangster” feel of the 20s, by the exciting spots recalling the jazz-age, by the Loop’s shiny appearance, and by the many other unique structures that make Chicago one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, and an extraordinary visual experience.

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