Madame Claude, Berlin’s Upside Down Alternative Music Venue

Opened in 2008, Madame Claude – an offbeat upside down bar and concert venue in the creative Kreuzberg neighborhood – is now a well-known figure of Berlin’s alternative scene.

Housed in a former brothel, the atypical locale is the brainchild of four Frenchmen with a passion for experimental music and creative expression. The main room’s design is particularly extraordinary, resembling an inverted apartment with tables and other pieces of furniture fixed on the ceiling.

The bottom-up arrangement is not the only quirk of Madame Claude, though. Additionally, the cool, moody bar has a tiny concert venue in the basement, where experimental musicians from all over Europe come to perform their original compositions.

A ping-pong table and live DJ music every night add extra entertainment for customers. Concerts aside, Madame Claude also hosts various events related to fashion, media, and cinema.

Former Brothel

Madame Claude

Lynch Room

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