During my travels I’ve seen so many beautiful places that I almost felt overwhelmed and sometimes even lost in my imagination, and I have always tried to steal a particle from each beauty in order to build mine. Maybe I failed, but I managed to shape ideas that hallowed my soul and I think that’s exactly what life is about.

Beauty has so many forms, so many colors and so many stages, and it can be ruthless, incontestable, young, unusual, stunning, gloomy, natural, overwhelming, or everlasting, but no matter what shape will take, beauty it’s meant to touch your soul or your mind at least for a moment, to inspire you and to make you become a better person, an artist and sometimes … to make you fall in love.

Unusual beauty

Charles Bridge, Prague
Photo by Wayne Noffsinger

I discovered the unusual beauty when I first visited Prague in November. A simple narrow cobblestone street covered with golden wet leafs brought me like a ghost, to a bench. When I came to myself, everything around me was frozen under the infernal silent of an early morning. I was sitting alone on the solitary bench, under a naked tree, staring at the gloomy Charles Bridge and wondering about the legend behind each statue.

The seclusion of this place somehow reminded me of a sad poor child from an old black and white movie. I felt a sharp melancholy piercing my chest but then a ray of sun slipped from my hair to the Bruncvik statue and its golden sword. It was magic! I felt an uncommon relief. It was November 19, The Velvet Revolution’s day and I was just an observer coming from the future to contemplate this scene for a moment, to absorb the history written on these Gothic buildings and the fog that enclosed this patrician beauty. Then and there, I grasped that the unusual beauty can be so intense and addictive.

Outspoken beauty

Photo by Wyemji

Florence spreads its beauty through every corner. Standing in Piazza Michelangelo and looking down to Florence, I realized that in front of me lies the most beautiful Italian city. Walking on its streets you will notice that the entire city was built by artists, not by common people. Every construction is a piece of art and it is located in the right place, creating a perfect harmony between the past and the present, between history and culture. I felt a special warmness between people and nature, and a continuous renaissance that won’t stop birthing, a pleasant and positive vibe to take home with me.

I was meant to meet the same outspoken beauty, but in a different form, in Bora Bora – the mystical island of French Polynesia, created by volcanic actions, conserved by nature like a piece of heaven on Earth.

Natural beauty

Canadian Rockies

What God has created in Ireland or Canada has nothing to do with Earthly belongings. This wonderland of amazing landscapes, quiet villages, vibrant hills, legendary castles, and incredible history is more than just natural beauty – it’s a comfortable splendor with a contagious bouncy spirit, with friendly people and places designed to clean souls and to accompany long walks.

The same natural beauty can be perceived in New Zealand. To travel from snowy mountains to tropical beaches, along the whirling rivers escorted by grandiose echoes, and to do all these between the same borders – it’s a miracle and a gift.

Both Ireland and New Zealand have an extravagant simplicity beyond any polished beauty, they can shine without wearing make-up.

Young beauty

Sydney Eustaquio Santimano

Vancouver is stylish and refreshing, a young essence in a blooming body, and so it’s Sydney, the capital of Australia and home of the most beautiful harbor I have ever seen.

Everlasting beauty

Nohkalikai Falls Cherrapunjee
Photo by Pankaj

There is something special about India that I can’t explain and it’s not just its outer beauty, it’s the peace, the unknown, the traditions and the enigmas from the locals’ eyes. There are secrets kept for a very long time in this sacred land, there are landscapes so well anchored in time and there are superior moods that all people will experience while visiting India. You don’t need words to describe such a country; you could be blind and still feel the emotion and the everlasting beauty of India.

There are also the old streets of Rome, the musicality of Vienna, and the clandestine masks of Venice which have a sublime and romantic beauty.

The breathtaking beauty

Great Barrier Reef Australia
Photo by Jon Conell

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia, the Grand Canyon, the Canadian Rockies, the Great Wall of China, and the Machu Picchu in Peru are overwhelming proofs of our Planet’s beauty.

Sunset New York
Photo by Jerry Ferguson

Moreover, I was fascinated by the eclectic beauty of London, the creativity and the spectacular beauty of New York, but most of all I was inspired by Spain. I found there a sweet symbiosis between people and places, I felt a strange connection with this country, and all my travels to Spain were answers to questions that I have always had in my mind.

It’s funny how from all the beauties I’ve ever seen, I still contemplate the usual and the simple beauty of a picturesque village in Andalusia and I am still charmed by a Spanish guitar.

Marbella Spain
Photo by Herry Lawford

So, from all the miracles on Earth I’ve chosen the ordinary beauty to be my favorite just because it makes me happy and because I belong to it more than anywhere else.

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