Home of Big Ben, Hard Rock Café, black cabs and afternoon tea, London is undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest and most cosmopolitan cities. With plenty of things to offer, the British capital has always been a popular destination among travelers from all over the world, but now maybe more than ever, due to the world’s most important sporting competition taking place there, London is enjoying a year in the spotlight.

London landmarks
Photo by Jan H. Andersen

These days, an ocean of tourists are taking by storm London’s lovely streets stepped in history, its local pubs and its outstanding landmarks in order to explore as much as possible of the city’s unquestionable charms.

Visiting London during this period can be both fascinating, given the important events, as well as challenging. And if you can’t beat London’s hustle and bustle, join it. Therefore, I decided to provide you 10 ingenious tours that will help you to experience London:

 Update: Unfortunately, the Quirky London Tour is no longer available.

Quirky London Tour

Named the “Best London Tour for Londoners” by The London Paper, Quirky London Tour is a very interesting manner of exploring the city, especially for those in search of a bit of originality. Offering tourists the opportunity to hear London’s weirdest stories, the circuit features a stopover in the city’s unusual restaurants and bridges, a visit to the only street in Britain where cars drive on the right side of the road, as well as a presentation of David Cameron’s illegitimate heritage. Additionally, partakers will have the chance to see the country’s smallest police station and the London ballroom turned into a Venetian canal.

BBC Television Center Tour

There’s no secret that BBC (British Broadcasting Company), the world’s largest broadcaster has played and still plays an important role in the history of television. BBC Television Center Tour will offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in this fascinating world, to visit famous studios and to learn interesting facts about how TV really works.

The Game in London

If you are looking for a different way of exploring London, this tour is the perfect choice for you and your family. Without any schedules or guides, The game in London will deliver you the city’s hidden spots by the instrumentality of your own mobile phone. Based on GPS and text messages, the guide provides an interesting entertaining experience consisting of a series of challenges and riddles that you have to complete while you visit the beautiful city of London.

London Nightlife Tour

London boasts an amazing nightlife with plenty of funky pubs, clubs, bars and various party venues but for tourists it’s not actually an easy job to find the best of them. London Nightlife Tour will introduce you to London’s vibrant night scene starting with pints in the city’s oldest pubs and culminating with stopovers in SOHO’s fancy bars and dance till the morning’s early hours. Besides, a photographer will capture the moments, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the night without taking care of your camera.

Pub Crawl

Assuming that a lot of tourists in London want to taste the city’s nocturnal vibe, here’s another excellent guided tour for partyers: Pub Crawl offers free entrance to London’s best bars and nightclubs, free drinks and Happy Hour prices.

Notting Hill Celebrity Walking Tour

Inviting participants to visit the famous Notting Hill quarter and the lovely Portobello market, the exclusive Notting Hill Celebrity Walking Tour  features plenty of famed streets, filming locations, pubs, hotels, theatres alongside celebrity homes, useful information and many surprises.

Medieval Banquet

No visit to London would be complete without an authentic recall of the city’s vigorous past. Medieval Banquet is a journey back in time, where you will be treated as royal guest in the court of the King. The experience consists of a four course banquet with live ancient music, wine and dancing.

London Duck Tour

London Duck Tour is the perfect choice for adventures in London, a quirky fun way of exploring the city’s most prominent landmarks. You’ll have the chance to see London from an exciting amphibious vehicle that drives from the road straight into the Thames.

Street Art London Tour

Street Art London Tour is a great way of exploring this fascinating form of art on the streets and hidden alleys of East London.

Bateaux London River Thames Afternoon Tea Cruise

You can’t leave London without experiencing a cruise on the Thames and an afternoon tea in the country that invented it. Embodying them both, this fancy tour (Bateaux London River Thames Afternoon Tea Cruise) will offer you the opportunity to discover the magic of London and to enrich your experience with plenty of local treats including live music performances, tasty cakes, pastries and a fine selection of sandwiches.

London overview
Photo by J.H. Andersen

These are my suggestions for those of you visiting London during this busy period, but there are countless ways of exploring this amazing city and you probably know that, so I just want to wish you all a great time in the British capital!

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