Already in its 7th edition, Sibiu Christmas Market is the liveliest and most colorful in Romania.

This year, the fair – organized by Sibiu City Council in partnership with the Au-Ro Austria Pro Romania Foundation and the Embassy of Austria – kicks off on November 22 and lasts more than a month, offering visitors a wonderful shopping experience full of magic and culture.

Sibiu Christmas Market
Piata Mare, Sibiu

As always, the Christmas Market is set in Sibiu’s awe-inspiring Grand Square (Piata Mare), in the heart of the city, and that’s probably a big part of its charm. Being surrounded by such magnificent Baroque architecture, makes you feel like you stepped back in time into a smaller, cozier Vienna.

Cheerful and full of color, the stalls present a huge variety of merchandise, from Christmas decorations, roasted almonds and mulled wine to traditional handmade products such as leather goods, jewelries, fur hats and more.

Sibiu Christmas Stalls
Christmas Stall

The atmosphere is particularly special at night, when the stalls and the beautiful Christmas lights are twinkling all around Sibiu Old Town, creating a lovely winter scene straight out of a Dickens novel. Moreover, Sibiu is cuddled right in the heart of Transylvania, between three groups of mountains, which means snowfall is a common occurrence during this time of year, giving the city a truly festive feel.

Sibiu Christmas Market
Sibiu Christmas Market

In addition to its gorgeous setting and sparkling stalls, Sibiu Christmas Market is enliven by various forms of family entertainment. A beautiful skating rink, a small amusement park and a couple of nativity scenes are set up in close proximity, adding a certain charm and character to the atmosphere.

Sibiu Christmas Market
Christmas Carousel

When night falls, locals and tourists alike gather here to try the local culinary specialties, whose tantalizing flavors shroud the square and the adjacent narrow medieval streets.

A large open-air stage has been built in front of the market for the music concerts, spectacles and various cultural activities organized throughout the holiday season.

Sibiu Christmas Market
Mulled Wine Caravan

This year, Sibiu Christmas Market lasts until January 3.


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