Japan’s Best Ski Resorts

Although often overlooked in favor of the more famous alpine destinations of Europe and North America, Japan is a true skiing treasure, offering excellent powder, fewer crowds, lower prices, and

20 Most Colorful Destinations in Europe

With its mighty capitals, vibrant coastal towns, and villages so charming that need to be seen to be believed, Europe is colorful in every possible sense of the word. Cities

Top Sailing Destinations in Europe

Complementing its natural, cultural and historical richness, Europe prides itself with some of the world’s most enchanting and glamorous sailing destinations.

From the exclusive South of France to the fascinating

Best Places to Visit in Romania

With a bold and cosmopolitan capital city, a plethora of quaint medieval towns, a unique delta, a Black Sea coast full of contrasts, and an unexpected mix of natural and

Great Outdoors: The Floating Hot Tub

Envisioned by Supergoed’s talented designer Frank de Bruijn, the HotTug has quickly become one of the Netherlands’ quirkiest new inventions. A boat and a floating Jacuzzi in the same time,

8 Things To Do in Madeira

With its outstanding mix of stunning natural beauty, quaint historic towns and inviting year-round climate, the lovely Portuguese island of Madeira is an ideal destination for lovers of nature and

Tokyo, The City of Outstanding Shopping

Tokyo is cool, edgy and fun, and so is its incredibly varied shopping scene that ranges from ubiquitous vending machines and bizarre hipster boutiques to mind-blowing electronic stores, mega malls

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