100 Reasons To Visit Europe

Still dreaming about that European vacation you’ve promised yourself ever since college? Well, how about stop dreaming and start planning your trip to Europe right now. You’ll find everything there, from culture and fabulous history to outstanding nightlife, mouthwatering food, picturesque villages and charming atmosphere. Take a look at my list of 100 reasons to visit Europe and who knows, maybe you’ll finally find that impulse you keep seeking for so long.

Eiffel Tower Paris

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1. Andalucía, the picturesque Spanish region dotted with timeless villages and wonderful sun-kissed beaches.

2. Paris might be overrated, or maybe regarded as a world of clichés, but it’s chic, gorgeous, romantic and certainly an unforgettable experience.

3. Rome, the Eternal City perched on seven hills, home of the magnificent Colosseum and legendary Trevi Fountain.

4. The simple, delicious, made-out-of-passion Italian Food.

5. Florence, one of the most inspirational, artistic and best-looking cities in the whole world. A stunning open-air museum filled with masterpieces of the greatest artists.

6. The beaches. From secluded coves and idyllic golden expanses to dramatic coasts and glamorous party beaches, there’s absolutely nothing you can’t find in Europe.

7. Venice. The vintage beauty, the sophistication and the erotic atmosphere of Venice cannot be compared to anything else.

8. Prague, the fairy-tale town of magic and great historical beauty.

9. Scandinavia – stunning fjords, medieval settlements, breathtaking mountains, deep blue skies and sparkling capitals.

10. The Swiss Alps speckled with majestic, snow-topped peaks, scenic villages, charming chalets and dazzling lakes.

11. Corsica, the Isle of Beauty forgotten in the Med. A French mix of wild beaches, mountains and rich history.

12. Ibiza, the most picturesque party island on Earth.

13. London, one of the greatest and most powerful cities in Europe.

14. The charming, cosmopolitan city of Barcelona is certainly a good reason to visit Europe.

15. Sicily, the largest and probably the most fascinating of the Mediterranean islands.

16. Iceland – staggering lagoons and glaciers, eerie landscapes and unspoiled beauty.

17. Pamukkale, Turkey. The spectacular, healing cascades of Pamukkale are one of the greatest wonders of Turkey, and a place unlike any other in the world.

18. Cappadocia, the fantasyland of cages and alien rock formations in the heart of Anatolia

19. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia – one of the best-kept secrets of Europe.

20. The Fjords of Norway, one of the most beautiful and dramatic scenery someone can experience in Europe.

21. Bruges. No other town in Europe welcomes its visitors with such naturalness and warmth as does the enchanting, quaint Bruges.

22. Amsterdam. In my opinion, Amsterdam is something that anyone should experience at least once in a lifetime.

23. Istanbul, a vibrant city of culture, history and worlds that combine dramatically.

24. Dubrovnik, the charismatic medieval walled city on the Adriatic shore.

25. The German Christmas Markets – Germany’s most precious Christmas gift to the world.

26. The sunny Spanish Coasts – The perfect combination of lovely weather, soft sandy beaches, history, culture, nightlife, low cost of living and delicious food.

27. Cote d’Azur with its pretty historical towns, quaint fishing villages and swanky vibe.

28. The Architecture. From the spectacular Renaissance allure of Italy and the eye-catching Moorish remains of Spain to the splendid Gothic cathedrals of England and Central Europe, the continent has the greatest variety of architectural styles in the world.

29. Shopping. Europe and shopping have always gone hand in hand. French perfumes, Italian designers, authentic crafts…Should I say more?

30. Puerto Banus, Marbella – the most fashionable and luxurious resort in Southern Spain.

31. The history. Nowhere is history as abundant and palpable as it is in Europe. Each backstreet and hidden corner here has been a witness to an amazing past.

32. The Museums. There’s no secret Europe boasts the largest and most prestigious collections of art in the world.

33. Cinque Terre, Italy’s most genuine display of charm. The 5 colorful villages on the Italian Riviera are definitely something to behold.

34. Nightlife. Europe prides itself with the most fashionable nightlife scene on the planet.

35. In search of authentic century-old traditions? Look no further than Europe, especially the rural Eastern Europe, where time stood still.

36. In Europe you don’t have to be 21 to enjoy a drink with your friends.

37. Tapas, one of the greatest inventions of Spain.

Santorini sunset

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38. If nothing convinced you to visit Europe so far, then the Greek island of Santorini, with its most beautiful sunsets in the world, will definitely succeed.

39. Semana Santa in Seville is a wonderful experience, probably the best celebration of its kind in the world.

40. Granada, the city of Alhambra and pelicular neighborhoods.

42. Pizza. If you’re a pizza aficionado, and even if you’re not, you should know that a slice of hot pizza in a traditional Italian trattoria is an experience that money can’t buy anywhere else.

42. Italian wines. Italians are known for making everything with passion, but the wines are simply gorgeous and deep-rooted in their culture.

43. Lisbon. Although underrated, Lisbon is a quixotic mixture of culture, history, Fado music and sunshine.

44. French cheeses. No other country can beat the French when it comes to cheese.

45. The Northern Lights aka Aurora Borealis. One of the best places to see the spectacle is Tromsø, Norway.

46. Austrian pastries. Nothing compares with a coffee accompanied by fresh-baked pastries in one of Vienna’s famous coffeehouses, especially if this happens in one of those snowy busy mornings preceding Christmas.

47. Midnight Sun. Excepting Alaska, Europe is the only place in the world where you can experience at least two weeks of endless sunlight and you can do it with plenty of festivals and celebrations.

48. La Rambla, the liveliest boulevard in Barcelona.

49. Music Festivals. Whether you’re a keen rocker or an electronic music aficionado, Europe prides itself with the best, the biggest and the most varied calendar of music festivals.

50. The Chiringuitos. The delightful, atmospheric beach bars are part of the Spanish culture just as much as Flamenco or tapas.

51. Vienna with its elegant beauty and unbeatable charm.

52. The Carnival of Venice, one of Europe’s most famous, flamboyant and beautiful parties.

53. Tuscany with its rolling hills, quaint settlements, fabulous cuisine and timeless charm.

54. Transylvania, Romania’s precious cultural gem.

55. The Old Towns. Europe it’s famous for its charming old squares that have given rise to cities like Prague, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Bruges, Tallinn, Krakow, Nice or Rome.

56. The white-washed villages of Andalucia (or Pueblos Blancos) with their rustic beauty, Muslim influences, narrow windy streets, quaint atmosphere and of course, gleaming white exterior.

57. The medieval architecture.

58. Cordoba, the captivating Spanish city full of history, leafy patios and stunning Arab-style buildings.

59. Tiramisu, the divinely delicious Italian dessert.

60. Provence – scenic beauty, joie de vivre and never-ending fields of lavender.

61. Park Guell, one of Gaudi’s most precious gifts to Barcelona, and probably the most impressive public parks in the world.

62. Oktoberfest, Munich’s famous beer festival and the world’s largest fair.

63. The multitude of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Venetian gondola

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64. Paella, the quintessential Spanish dish.

65. The Louvre - the finest, the largest and the most visited museum in the world.

66. The ubiquitous sidewalk cafés.

67. The multitude of cultural gems.

68. The beautiful girls.

69. Skiing in Europe is amazing.

70. Absinthe is permitted in all EU countries.

71. Eastern Europe. It’s challenging, varied, authentic, full of history, low-priced and incredibly beautiful.

72. The fishing villages. Europe is scattered with some of the most colorful, authentic and scenic small fishing villages.

73. The Vatican.

74. The castles. Each corner of Europe has its fair share of castles waiting to be explored.

75. Budapest, the elegant blend of beauty and culture.

76. The ports. From the large busy ports of Rotterdam or Marseille to the ones steeped in history in Dubrovnik, Venice, Athens or Istanbul and the stylish yacht marinas in Greece, Italy, Spain or France, Europe boasts an amazing collection of spectacular ports.

77. The sweet, exquisite, mouthwatering Belgian chocolate.

78. Red Light District. Vibrant, exciting and pretty unusual, Amsterdam’s De Wallen is certainly a one-of-a-kind experience.

winter ski resort

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79. Copenhagen, one of the most vibrant, creative and stylish cities in the world.

80. Scotland, the magical land of culture, whiskey and breathtaking natural beauty

81. Madrid, one of the best European cities, in all respects.

82. The spectacular European Football.

83. The Italian Gelato. You can try again and again, but you’ll never find it outside Italy.

84. St Moritz, Switzerland. The oldest, yet most exclusive ski resort in the world offers great ski, a beautiful royal display and glamorous retreats.

85. Ireland – gorgeous green fields and castles, friendly people, vibrant culture and unique atmosphere.

86. Malta – lovely islands, great prices and one of the largest concentrations of ancient history in the world.

86. Meteora, Greece. Included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, the suspended monasteries of Meteora provide the most spectacular sight in mainland Greece.

87. Sighisoara, Romania, one of the best preserved, still inhabited citadels in Europe.

88. Alberobello, Italy, the picturesque Italian village famous for its quirky trulli homes.

89. Isle of Wight, England , already designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

90. Moscow, the thriving, majestic metropolis on the banks of Moskva River.

91. The romantic, magical and utterly beautiful Lake Bled, Slovenia

92. Berlin, the eclectic, progressive city full of character.

93. Kraków. The enchanting Polish city is one of the brightest jewels in Central Europe.

94. Taormina, the most beautiful destination in Sicily. It lies on the Ionian coast with Mt. Etna as its backdrop.

95. The Spectacular Navagio Beach, Zakynthos - the most exotic and beautiful beach in Europe.

96. Rovaniemi , Lapland, the hometown of Santa Claus.

97. The mix of old and new so beautifully emphasized in Europe.

Wroclaw old town

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98. The variety. There’s absolutely nothing you cannot find in Europe from mountains and seas to dense forests, gentle meadows, rolling hills, spectacular fjords, glacier lakes, picturesque vineyards and scented fields of flowers.

99. The people. European nations might be different, but overall, they are smart, educated, open-minded, warm and beautiful.

100. I just couldn’t decide on the last one, so I’m looking forward for your picks. Why would you visit Europe?

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  1. Amer Reply

    Great reasons to travel to Europe! Having lived here for over 10 years, I still can’t get enough of it!

  2. Corinne Loison Reply

    Dear miruna
    I would like to suggest Chester in england . I live in a wonderful City with a very rich historic past . Chester is also much more , it is a lively vibrant City with many shops and places to have good food .
    The history goes back to the day of a Roman fortess and allows you to travel back through the centuries until today .
    Chester , the Black and White City , the Jewel of the North is definetly a place to visit !

    • Miruna Reply

      That’s very nice of you to say that, Anna! I’m looking forward to read your travels and to learn the language. I have a great passion for Spain:).Keep in touch!

  3. Rick Reply

    I agree with 91% of your points, even though I would have placed Berlin a bit higher up. I also appreciate you mentioned 5 times italian F&B products :)
    My 100th? Cycling, because there are paths in south France and north Europe that are a bliss to ride.

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